Saturday, July 02, 2016

Side Chick Blasts Baller on His Wedding Day

Chicago Bears receiver Deonte Thompson married his fiancé yesterday but not before his former  girlfriend let everyone know they had been together the whole time...

In a video posted on Facebook Denonte's ex plays recorded phone calls of him denying his other relationship over a soundtrack on break-up anthems.


NotCool said...

Lame side chicks. Let it go.

Anonymous said...

Look Bitch, you fuck with these hoes, you get what you get!!!!! FACTS!!

Felicia said...

You guys missed the point!!!

Anonymous said...

He is dead wrong.

Felicia said...

@3:46 exactly!!!

Felicia said...

My thing is, if your so in love, be that to one you want!!! Why waste or string along someone else and then act surprised that they are hurt!! I hope his wife breaks his heart!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care what the grown folks do. Keep the children out of it. I would still be cursing my parents out if they had my pictures up in some petty shit like this when I was a child.

Anonymous said...

Agreed felicia, part of me thinks he married the new chick because she fits the "image"...these mofawkas always kick to the curb the women who held them down when when were nobodies. Theyll be divorced in 16 months. These nuccas aint loyal.

Anonymous said...

Title is wrong... He married the side chick... this girl was with him for like 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Once again Black women & girls will never learn. We give up the vagina that too easy & get nothing in return
A committed relationship is not Baby I love you. Its standing b4 a judge or minister. You have sex b4 marriage, get pregnant don't complain when you get left high & dry.

When you have sex B4 marriage why would they marry you?

A said...

That was fucked up what he did

Anonymous said...

Attention will be the death of some of these people.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:48 PM, Married women get treated like trash, too.

Musicman1978 said...

That goes both ways hoes and dogs are winning the saying used to be "Good men are hard to find" now it goes both my ladies out there lying to there men and vice versa... There is a new strain of yeast infection that is resistant to antibiotics

Anonymous said...

@4:48...umm you sound beyond foolish.
Trust, they screwed B4 marriage. Know that.
This is not 1916 ok it's 2016 men are NOT waiting for sex & THAT's reality.
Most Men marry because it is more of a benefit for them...its not about the woman.
That wife title is really a live- in maid/ cook/Nurse/ Baby sitter.
Marriage is NOT what it used to be

Honestly I wish that things were different BUT today as an woman ( especially an AA woman)
You ARE being cheated on OR you are screwing a man who is cheating.

Very few relationships are monogamous as they should be ideally.
THIS is why I've chosen to be celibate...

These men do not value US until they are old,fat,with unattractive smiles and non- working penises.

We are valuable but they don't appreciate out value.

Anonymous said...

^ U made me laugh for real. If it's that bad, no need to even leave the house. Have some hope honey even a little will do.

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

@2 :57

you and me are the same. i support you. i'm celibate too.... have no interest whatsoever in getting back out there. i refuse to be lied to, yelled at and used. i'm happy and free from that burden.

Shoe Lover Too! said...

Marriage IS what is used to be.
But we have people getting married who shouldn't be.
Marriage is not a game. God don't like ugly..
aT SOME POINT during this entire 10 years she knew about this other chick.
Both of them did.
But because he is a football player these chicks accepted the BAD BEHAVIOR.
This is the kind of man who will NEVER be faithful.
NO PRIZE here!
and if he is this triflin in his personal life he won't last long in the NFL.
Good things never come to men like this.

Anonymous said...

Marriage has existed before yall and will go on to exist after yall are in the ground. Period. Yall can sulk and be single, stay with someone who doesn't respect you, or find someone who actually LOVES you. Your choice. And no "hoes" aren't winning, because God ALWAYS has the last word.

Anonymous said...

Thank you @8:28AM. Marriage is what it used to be; PEOPLE (in this case black people) aren't what they used to be.

Please tell me how prior to the 1960s black neighborhoods were thriving (with those neighborhoods having a town center with mostly black businesses), 90% of black families were living in the same house, conversely there was a 10% illegitimate rate (even lower than white people at the time), and black treated each other with dignity and respect? But hardly any of that exists now!

Niggas Hate The Truth said...

@4:48 You are getting trashed by WHORES but you are exactly right! People act like marriage is outdated but what exactly is coming out of being a baby mama and baby daddy and living on the system?! The morals in this world are trash and all you have to do is look on instagram to see that the black community of this era is a joke. It's just a bunch of whores, hookers, niggas, homosexuals, trannies, you name it...and believe it or not there ARE people who wait til marriage before they sleep with someone. TRUST and believe not ALL of us are low self esteem WHORES that are used up by the time we're 22. And the niggas who walk around with sagging pants make it so hard for the black men who look and carry themselves professionally. And these NIGGAS will try their best to holla at you with their lazy, ghetto, nonachieving arses. LOL

Girl BYE said...

@4:48 show me a guy that's waiting until marriage to have seX. I'll wait.

Anonymous said...

^^^11:32 So in other words your Husband is cheating on you too,and you know about it.
It makes you feel better to call her or them Whites when in fact he is leaving your house to go and have Sex with them (Most likely raw dog)...then comes back home to you.
Yeah ok.

Whites (as you call them) are mou pulling out guns chasing him.
These men are pulling out their "guns" and chasing other women.#FACT

Most women are not against the sanctity of Marriage as God designed it to be because we are wired for companionship.

It's not Wives vs Whores.
It's men taking advantage of the Male shortage and it's not fair.
If there were enough men, things would be different.

Anonymous said...

These side hoes will never learn. He married gone hoe

Anonymous said...

@Girl BYe

They are out there. There are many virgins out there as well as celibate people out there. Go seek out nice, educated types.


Life isn't fair, get over it. Stop focusing on the niggas who are fucking any and everybody and find the one for YOU.

Anonymous said...

@4:52 YOU just don't want to accept reality.
I don't use the "N" word.
Men are men regardless of color.
Yes, I'm a Black woman but I refuse to "find" a man. Either they come find me or it doesn't happen.

@3:39 aka the hurt wife
Trust, I turn down married men on the regular.
They are the ones chasing us.
Yeah Life is not Fair so why hate those of us who acknowledge that ?

If she is a "hoe / whore" what does that make your Husband who won't stop screwing her?

Women need to put the blame where it belongs and letting the man off of the hook for his actions.

Anonymous said...

@4:52 you know what...i take some of what I said/ wrote back.

While I don't agree with your view entirely, I RESPECT the fact that you meant well.

Your comment was meant to encourage, I get it
From 5:19

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

@ 3:19

My daughter is dating a Catholic guy who just got here from Honduras. He's proposed to her, and wants to wait until they are married. :)


Yes, I'm That Leah said...

I forgot to add... the guy my daughter is seeing cuts down trees. He makes 400 to 500 bucks per tree. He does this every day.... and the company pays for all his hotel rooms.

Celibacy really does pay off.

Bee Gee said...

It takes two to have sex before marriage. Please stop this slanted ass commentary. Both men and women scheme like a muthafugga, so stop acting like black women are the only victims, cuz you females be on some bullshit just like these dudes. People not having the character to get married and stay loyal to their spouses doesn't make marriage whack. It's pretty simple, actually. People's selfish desires make the shit difficult.

Maybe when these rich athlete niggas remove the superficial values they place on females that are "marriage material," they'll lose the corny image of what an athlete/celebrity's wife should look like and appear to be. Maybe when females stop regarding these athlete niggas as automatic husband material just because they got a pro contract, they'll give a real man a chance and find real happiness.

Until then, the saga of side bitches and side niggas will continue to play out and be a major theme of "black love".

Felicia said...

I just really wish folks would treat others like they want to be treated!!

ladyfoxy said...

Married to be married is worse than a jail cell. Inauthentic to the core and bound to be destructive.

Now marriage based on common understanding and shared goals is beautiful in concept.

Oh, and this ninja isn't "marriage material". He'll be on some more grimy shit soon. Trust.

ladyfoxy said...

Also- sex isnt the problem here. Lack of character is. Waiting for a ring to have sex is just manipulation by another name.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, I'm a Black woman but I refuse to "find" a man. Either they come find me or it doesn't happen."

Then WTF is your problem? Sit and WAIT. Spend your time praying. You just sound butthurt to me. And yes my comment was meant to encourage those who think "hoes be winnin" and other nonsense. Charlie Sheen was "winnin" at one point as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey BeeGee and thanks for wrapping this shit up for us.

Anonymous said...

@8:41 Something told me that you would miss the point....oh well I tried.
You took offence where none was intended and then sought further debate.
No thank you
Let's agree to disagree and keep it moving.

Hey, what's up !!! Where you been ? LOL
Your intelligent insight has been missed.
A healthy dialogue, from multiple prospectives, I love it.

Anonymous said...

@8:41 Something told me that you would miss the point...oh well. I tried.
I see that I struck a nerve with you and you were too embarrassed to allow that to be undone. So Yes, I'll pray 4 you

Hey, Where YOU been ?
Your insight ( minus the profanity and use of N word) has been missed.
Stop disappearing man.
A healthy dialogue from multiple perspectives, I Love it

Anonymous said...


Girl keep praying to find a man. Nobody's embarrassed lol

Anonymous said...

^^^Oh yes you are that's why you "chased me" on the Nene thread. You wasn't laughing you were mad and embarrassed,and You know it.

Pray for your Husband to stop chasing other women ok...If he had time for you you would not be on here,would you.
Men Love supplemental cat, Deal with it
BUT Thanks for the Laughs...Seriously

Anonymous said...

@2:57 AM I get what you're saying, but there's still a few good men out there. Nothings too hard for God. Pray and ask him to send you a mate.

Anonymous said...

That's what dudes do. Not surprised.

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