Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zulu Nation Threatened Victims?

Earlier this week Ronald 'Bee-Stinger' Savage called for KRS One to be banned from Hip Hop for his continued defense of alleged child molester Hip Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa [click here if you missed that].

In a second part of that interview he explains why it took him over 30 years to come forward...

Bee-Stinger ominously tells All Hip Hop
"Back then, if you was to speak about it. You didn’t speak about it no more."
Comes in at the 5:44 mark.

Ron also claims the reason it took the Zulu Nation so long to come out with a statement condemning Afrika Bambaataa is because they had been offering him money behind the scenes to retract his accusations. Once they released he was not backing down, then they released their statement [comes in at the 20:30 mark].

Ronald also insists he has been in contact with other victims who's claims against Bambaataa fall within the statute of limitations.


Anonymous said...

die chomo die...and you too KRS

Anonymous said...

DAYUM bam! You messed dude up. That's effed up bam. God's got something in store for you.

Anonymous said...

I believe this man. Being a victim of Sexual Abuse, it is very hard to tell anyone. No matter what your gender is. But I think that it is even harder for a male to tell. The ridicule and having people accuse you of possibly liking it or calling you gay. It mess's you up mentally. No matter how good of a day or anything you may have. That is still always in the back of your mind.

Anonymous said...

After watching the interview, he seems legit.

Anonymous said...

It was a known fact back in the day that a lot of old hip hoppers were perverted freaks !
My Aunt used to date Flash back in the day and she said after they got signed to a label and started making money, they really changed
Thats when she stepped off. She said along with their new attitudes, new attire (leather pants they would wear for days without changing them; whips/chains on their clothing), that they were definitely different from before
They would go to these "open" industry orgy type of parties, where all the drugs were available and u could get loose and do all type of things
Russell Simmons used to throw these types of parties too. Models, actors, groupies executives all used to attend
This has always been the rules of hollyweird
Just because a couple of black dudes from the hood joined up with hollyweird doest change a thing
I get so tired of this so called "untouchable negro thing" as if certain rules dont apply with them

Unknown said...

Many of Us were touched as kids and some ever worse. He went waaaay to far. Now Karma is coming back. He is being exposed because he is arrogant and a danger to society. What the hell was he thinking !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very intelligent guy. I pray for his total deliverance.

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