Saturday, August 20, 2016

Cassie's Camp Releases Conflicting Statement

Last night sources from inside Sean Diddy Combs' camp denied reports that he and longtime girlfriend Cassie Ventura were no longer a couple after she called the cops during an explosive argument [click here if you missed that].

Now Cassie's camp is claiming the opposite...

Insiders tell E! Online
"They are taking another break now. He loves her so much so likely it won't be a long break. He always finds a way of coming back to her."
"Cassie would never cheat on Diddy, though. She just wishes things were better with them. It's always up and down."


Anonymous said...


Even though Cassie doesn't love Diddy she loves the lifestyle he provides her. So she will continue to be his door mat because he loves her being his beard.

Cassie would never cheat on Diddy and risk losing her beard lifestyle. She just wishes he wouldn't go upside her head every time he and French Montana have a disagreement.

Look for staged pics to follow in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

It was her mother that called the pigs.

Allihave2say said...

Obviously neither Cassie, her family or friends have any business sense whatsoever. They're too busy living in what high Sadiddy provides instead of learning to building wealth off what's provided. By now Cassie, in her name should own all of the following: a house, a car, a shoe store, a purse and accessory boutique and a restaurant.

Dumb gets dumber I guess. Too busy trying to be cute and not busy enough being about her business.

Anonymous said...

Cassie is giving you the one eye of the lord of the air in this picture

Anonymous said...

Cassie do yourself a favor and go get your GED and get a job at Wal Mart. Big teeth boy like dudes, not you.You to old to still be the beard for this half way in the closet trick

Chrissy Snow said...

I agree @Allihave2say but I don't see Diddy LETTING her build her own brand or owning her own property. He reminds me of a verbally abusive control freak I know who after 12 years is still putting my friend through hell. And he's broke!
I can't imagine the trap Cassie is caught up in. She probably can't get away at this point.

Anonymous said...

Huh. interesting statement put out by Diddy's camp. Who was ever implying or even thinking that Cassie would cheat on her cash cow?
And conspicuously (or intentionally) it was left out that he would never cheat on her as well. Hm.

No wonder her momma is pissed.

I see a We-Were-On-A-Break baby coming in 3..2..
(or is he too old for that ish)?

Anonymous said...

sometimes money, purses, jewelry, vacations..its just not worth it... to be loved and in loved is priceless and their is not amount of wealth you can put on that

Anonymous said...

He reminds me of a verbally abusive control freak I know who after 12 years is still putting my friend through hell. And he's broke! 10:41 AM

^He's probably that way because he is broke and knows his ass will be exposed for not doing better or having the potential to do better or simply doesn't want to do better. As long as he can control her ass his ass is covered.

If Cassie can't get away at this point it is because she does not want to. This shit should have been shut down years ago. He'll always have Kim.

Anonymous said...


So she called her mom and told her Diddy laid hands on her then mama called the cops? That makes sense. Cassie get your life girl.

Courtney Oliver said...

Eat the cake Annie May!

2FLy said...

Y'all need to read better. Her Mama called the cops becuase she was at CASSIES' house in LA not diddys. He returned back letter to pick up his two cars. Just because he name isn't out there doesn't mean she's not building wealth. She still has a modeling contract and diddy provides her with 50K a month. It's called E-Trade lol... U n!gg@s need to invest

Anonymous said...


All of us aint gotta suck a queeny mouth breather for rent money boo boo.

The King Of The Real said...

She trash

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