Monday, August 22, 2016

DMX Welcomes Baby Boy

Back in May there were rumors rapper DMX was expecting baby no.15 [click here if you missed that].

The rumors were true and the baby is here...

According to reports DMX and his girlfriend Desiree welcomed their first child together, a boy named Exodus.

Exodus was born Aug. 19 in New York, weighing 6 lbs 10 oz.

DMX was not there for the birth.

This is Desiree's first child.


Anonymous said...

Welp! DMX not there for the birth of his 15th kid?? Surprise surprise!

What type of woman would get pregnant by a man with 14 kids and who is behind millions of dollars in child support? Where is her self-worth! Did she think an old rapping crackhead was going to all of a sudden become Mr. Cleaver for her and her baby? To all the THOTs looking for a come up ... please take heed or you'll be in that birthing room on that bed holding your mama or your best friend's hand.


Anonymous said...

Baby number 15?! He needs to go get a vasectomy like yesterday! No more babies especially considering the fact that there's no way he can provide for any of them. Second of all who was stupid enough to get knocked up by him? Damn we gotta do better! Stop birthing babies into these ridiculous situations!

Anonymous said...

Trash like this will continue to be the downfall of our race. Nasty bum ass dudes slinging their dirty dicks left and right leaving a trail of fatherless babies, and stupid bird brain hood rat bitches that are right there open arms (and legs) getting knocked up popping out babies for everyone else in society to support and pay for! I'm sick of this shit.

Anonymous said...

Everyone commenting is spot on. Very sad situation (and what kind of fool gets pregnant by this man? She's got be be on drugs too.)

Anonymous said...

She clearly just wants to be able to say DMX is her child's father...nothing more. Who in their right mind would let him sex them raw? Or at all?? O_O

prissa o said...

Just why??????? :(
And am I to believe these ppl out here with 13 & 15 kids are healthy??? For all those silly baby mamas, I'm sure there are hundreds of females that got raw dogged but no baby to show for it. A baby no. A STD - PROBABLY!

Just NASTY!!

Reds4real2006 said...

@6_50 who said.....and what kind of fool gets pregnant by this man? She's got be be on drugs too.

You would be shocked Professional Black Women would have babies by Scums like this

Remember the prisoner who got 3 female officers pregnant?

You would be shocked how some Black females conceive their babies and who they do it with

Anonymous said...

Black women are nasty. They'll have a damn baby by any fuckin body just to have a damn baby daddy and share fuckery stories with her friends about.

Anonymous said...

People all over the world struggling to have kids because of all the pesticides but crack head DMX has 20.

Makes sense

JDent said...


Does that include yo mama. SIMPLETON BITCH. Watch Maury Povich. Bitchassedness. More crackers on that show than black women or men. And when you go trolling bring receipts. YADIRA BORREGO IS CUBAN.

Several seats.

Anonymous said...

8:31 is the same weirdo troll who's been haunting the threads for the past 6 months. Ugh, really? Please go away.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Package said...wonder why they call you bitch!


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