Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Donnie McClurkin Sets the Record Straight

Earlier this week news leaked that formerly gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin was engaged to marry fellow gospel artist Nicole C. Mullen [click here if you missed that].

Donnie sets the record straight once and for all...

The Old Black Church blog caught Donnie addressing the rumors on Periscope where he admitted being in a relationship with Nicole, and that he loves her dearly, but they have both agreed a marriage will not happen without counseling first.


The King Of The Real said...

Ladies , this is how you get that house in Virgina. Quit thinking he gonna change cause he going to church

Anonymous said...

Oh Donnie Shut Up Girl

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Another reason why folks need to stop forcing people to have feelings they never or don't have!

HoodRat said...

Why won't Donnie just get him some good dick man and quietly love him? Smh. That counselor (if he/she good) gonna bring Donnie right on out the closet singing the weather girls yassss! Don't go to counseling Donnie, u need to keep up the Hetero front sis! Well if u do go, go to a pastor, they not professional enough to bring u out that closet girl

Anonymous said...

Leave Donnie alone! He's delivert!!

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as formerly gay. you are or you are not.

Anonymous said...

That didn't set the record straight. They can be engaged and won't get married until they have counseling. Semantics.

Anonymous said...

she's a mess. how do you marry a gay man? what kind of low self esteem does she have? the only thing that makes sense is if she's a lesbian, or asexual.

as 9:04 said there is no such thing as formerly gay.

wtf is wrong with people?! just be who you are and keep it moving.

Anonymous said...

^^Change is possible for anyone. Maybe not you but the next person.

Anonymous said...

Can't change your love for dick.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!!!!! @ 12:20PM

And u are right @6:37pm, but JESUS can change u if u ask Him to
It may be EXTREMELY hard, a lot of hard work and a whole lot of sacrificing
And a person may have to struggle immensely

(Heck u might even have to settle with a masculine type or a former freakish type of woman, lol )
But with men, things are impossible, but with

Anonymous said...

@6:37pm, I will agree that it very, very hard to change
And a person may battle with it until they die
But folks can change , but it is more then a flesh and blood battle cus a lot of people were molested as helpless kids
(Not all)
But I will agree that it is almost impossible
But not impossible

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