Friday, August 19, 2016

Kim Kardashian Cuts Kanye's Purse Strings

Earlier this week Kanye West announced his fashion line 'Yeezy Season 4' would debut during New York Fashion Week, following the Madison Square Garden stop of the Saint Pablo Tour.

But don't expect a big blow-out like Yeezy Season 3, because apparently Kim Kardashian has cut her husband's purse strings...

Kanye West's long-time collaborator, notoriously racist performance artist Vanessa Beecroft [click here if you missed that], let the cat out of the bag during a recent profile with New York Magazine.

In the piece Vanessa reveals she had been on Kanye's payroll for years, but that his wife Kim Kardashian had recently came through and "cut everything out."

Fun Fact: Vanessa Beecroft arranged Yeezy Season 2 models by skin tone with the dark models in the back and white models in the front [click here if you missed that].


The King Of The Real said...

Maybe she just didnt like that hoe

Anonymous said...

Kanye is a manipulative queen.

Enjoy ladies

Anonymous said...

Wow, when even your white wife doesn't like your racist lil friends, smh.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:02 PM, Probably because she gave birth to 2 BLACK babies.

T said...

we'e supposed to believe that Kim's dumb ass looked at his financials and cut shit, LOL!

they don't even read or go over contracts hence the reason they are sued constantly.

cut his purse strings?? yeah right.

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