Thursday, August 04, 2016

Lewis Hamilton Sued Over Abandoned Nicole Scherzinger Love Nest

Race car driver Lewis Hamilton sued after backing out of a deal to build a $3 million island love nest for his ex Nicole Scherzinger...

According to reports an Italian developer has slapped Lewis Hamilton with a $3.5 million lawsuit after Lewis commissioned a custom built villa, complete with home recording studio, for his then girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger but backed out after he and Nicole broke up.

The developer says he and Lewis had a verbal agreement to build a five-bedroom luxury vacation home on the island of Grenada and now claims the custom designs are making it difficult to sell the property without making extensive changes.

Lewis never paid a deposit and the deal was finalized via email.

The case is pending.

Lewis and Nicole broke up last year after eight years together.


Anonymous said...

Nicole has one hell of a cooch lol She got dudes building private villas for her & just the other day Snitch had the story of her performing for $1.5 mil for a Russian billionaire. She needs to write a book lol

Anonymous said...

She's not doing too bad for being a 38 year old hooker.

BTW didn't she nearly bankrupt her record label after her first album dropped? Her second album she got dropped from RCA.

The King Of The Real said...

This bitch is balling and Hamilton let this be a lesson. Stay away from celeb hookers, and stop tricking, find a girl in your lane

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