Sunday, August 14, 2016

Marques Houston Shares His Baptism Journey

Last month R&B singer / actor Marques Houston converted to Jehovah's Witness [click here if you missed that].

This weekend Marques was baptized...


Anonymous said...

This nigga! Don't he know Jehovah means Lord of wickedness? There is no J in Hebrew so back then none of any people was hollerin for a Jehovah or a Jesus. And as for being baptized Acts 11:16 KJV Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost. Precept >>> Matthew 3:11 KJV I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: >>but he that cometh after me<< is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:

Anonymous said...

the jokes just write themselves...baptized by an Edomite???....honey you were baptized by the DEVIL HIMSELF

Jehovah Witness Religion is NOT OF GOD

Bruh please Get Knowledge--->

Any black person that can't wrap their mind around the simple Biblical Fact that white people are the Devil that the Bible speaks about, AND WILL NOT ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM, there is no hope for you. You done son.

Anonymous said...

Was he baptised at sea world? What church has stadium seats with a pool?

Anonymous said...

To all of u who is just dieing or would die to be a celebrity in the end when all those evil people are done u end up trying to get out the best way u can now I've heard all the stuff this cat been through ask razz b and the others how Cris stooks raped them all the shit he did to them now this is for razz he told everything y'all kill me u just couldn't wait to be famous and u take the oath and sign ur name in blood and sale yourself to that nasty low down industry that uses u and control u and in the end u come running back to whatever religion u practice u did all this to be rich for a season there's more you'll need to do to get out completely Marcus tell what goes on in that cess pool industry

Anonymous said...

Chris Stokes really messed them boys up... They all appear to be somewhat lost... From Immature to B2K.

Anonymous said...

Jehovah, Adonai, Yaweh, Lucifer...same thing

Anonymous said...

8:12 lol!!!!!!!!!!!

Natural Realist said...

People Have The Right To Worship As They Please.The Name Jehovah In The True Meaning? Causes To Become.The Decision To Serve Jehovah Isn't One People Of That Faith Take Lightly. Happy For Marques. Noticed So Many Negative Comments On His Personal Life, The Witnesses Have Historically Endured Constant Critique From People Whose Expectation Surpasses Even That Of Those Who Choose To Dedicate Their Lives To Serve Jehovah. My Wish Is That People Learn To Respect People's Personal Choices Whether We Agree Or Not. At End Of Day Love Is Everything. Loving Relationships Are Cruelty Free.

Anonymous said...

^^^ So what you saying is you dumb muthafuckas hate correction when it comes to following God. Soon as someone corrects you or try to show you that you are following the wrong Path you wanna tell people" people have the right to worship their own way" This is why The Most High said 2/3rd of you niggas got to go. You niggas love breaking the first damn commandment. You shall worship no other God before me. Jehovah is the Lord(Baal) of wickedness/ mischief.

Anonymous said...

So now that he's been "reborn" is he ever going to come clean about what him and Chris Stokes used to do to those B2K boys? Poor Raz-B they messed that man's mind up and never served a day for what they did to him or the rest of the group

Anonymous said...

Why do people who follow one Abrahamic religion bash another who follows a different Abrahamic path to their spirituality and God?... Its the SAME THING! PEOPLE!

Is The Bible Not the Torah? aka the 5 Books of Moses? is Quran Not an adaption of the Bible + the Torah? that includes Jesus plus all of the previous prophets and apostles? with the inclusion of an Arab mans Journey?

Be respectful of one mas journey as you would want another to be respectful of your journey.

There is but One Creator, One God! and we are are all products of that creator as we are ALL brothers and sisters in Humanity!

Anonymous said...

Nope, all religions are not the same and nope,
every1 is not a child of God
We were all created by God, but only the ones who chooses to do The will of God are His children
Those who chooses to do the will of evil
is of their father the devil who sinneth from the beginning
There were over a thousand gods during Abraham time, thats is why The True and Living God called him out from his kinsfolk
The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David,Daniel, Moses Paul, Peter and John
And especially JESUS (The Only Begotten Son Of Father God)is The Only True God
John 3:16-21
Now God is The Only Judge on who will be worthy at that the end, but no, everyone is not at the end of day is going to be considered The children Of The Most High God
Even church folks

Anonymous said...

I understand where u are coming from @12:59pm
But if Marques and Stokes really (allegedly) hurt them boys as minors and never had any remorse or repented towards them, they aint right
What u do to consenting adults is 1 thing
But minors? That just isnt nice or right

Anonymous said...

@ Basically everyone.

It's funny because there's no such thing as god and he's wasting his life on a lie spread by dead men who conquered where they didn't belong. Christianity is a virus that makes people sick in the head and heart.

Anonymous said...

Lmao... My feeble minded black brothers and sisters. Believe in God NOT A MAN MADE RELIGION!

Religion was created to control and enslave us not to save us.

* 11 Million Africans were ENSLAVED by good Christian Europeans in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, of which about 5% or 487,000 African slaves made it to the shores of America (Ohh by the way, the first slave ship to bring slaves to the shores of America at the Jamestown, Va colony was "The Good Ship Jesus" in 1562)

Oh by the way for you loyal Catholics it was Pope Nicolas V who granted permission to Portuguese the right to ENSLAVE Sub-Saharan Africans in 1455.

And of course Jews not only financed the slave trade but were also slave owners in America.

And to my black Muslim brothers and sisters who are quick to say Islam is the original religion of the black man in the motherland!... Welp! Houston we have a Problem!...

Islam was not invented until 610 A.D. in Arabia ... so I think it is fair to say the black man the original African man is older than Islam, wouldn't you agree?

And when it comes to the slave trade of Africans, it was Christian Europeans that learned the slave trade from Muslims....

Lets crunch some Numbers here... Shall we?

(620-1900 A.D.) 150 Million Africans were enslaved in the Muslim East African Slave Trade, as far as China, India, Iran, Iraq and All stops in between.

(1441-1833) 11 million Africans - were enslaved by Christians and Jews in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade sanctioned by The Pope.

In addition to the 150 Million Africans - enslaved by Muslim Slave traders, Muhammad's armies when invading towns would often Kill all the men and children and keep the women as their slaves and give the the most prized women to Muhammad. Such as in the case of Safiyya bint Huyayy, the young Jewish girl, Muhammad's forces killed her entire family including her husband and forced her to marry him as his share of the booty.

Ohh and don't forget Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and had sex with her when she was 9!...
So I guess Pedophilia is ok in Islam...

So you see, Man made Religion okays RAPE, Incest, Murder, and Slavery and is meant to divide conquer and CONTROL!... Do you think God approves of this?

The Answer is explore the wonders and beauty of your spirituality and BELIEVE in God... And Not those Man Made fabricated Books of Religion that are All nothing more than Judaism dressed in different clothing (Judaism -Torah, Christianity-Bible, Islam -Quran) used as a tool to divide and control the world.

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