Thursday, August 25, 2016

Michael Strahan Sells Scripted Drama to ABC

Actor Michael Strahan inks a deal to develop and star in a new cop drama on ABC...

According to reports Michael Strahan is developing a new cop drama called Hobbs, about a Heisman trophy winner who joins the Miami police force after failing to get drafted into the NFL and his by-the-book partner who trained her whole life in preparation of being a cop.

Michael is also host of the game show “$100,000 Pyramid” and a morning anchor on "Good Morning America."


Reds4real2006 said...

He is overstretching the Brand
He becomes overexposed and lose popularity
Unlike at the beginning, he is annoying right now

Get Paper but don't look like a desperate media whore

Anonymous said...

Cue Kelly losing her fuc*ing mind, lol.

Anonymous said...

They need to change the name. The first thing I thought of was The Rock's character from the Fast and Furious franchise. Who is a cop, that looks like he played football in Miami (The city of his current show Ballers)

Anonymous said...

AHA to Kelly!! Bitch thought she was an executive over at ABC.

Anonymous said...


Its not an overstreatch. He takes 200k to 500k of his 50 million dollar football/good day/gma money and invests in a script with a known TV writer for a pilot as executive producer. If the pilot goes he gets a 13 episode season as exec producer with others who are now interested in a green lit show. It's passive income with a (reasonable with his type of money) investment.

Look at john legen with "Underground" tv show and his new black wallstreet movie. if he stuck to your frame of thinking he'd only rely on an album (which people do not buy anymore) every 2 years.


Anonymous said...

He's not acting he's producing.

Hell yeah mike

Anonymous said...

Good move Michael!

Anonymous said...

Those honchos over at ABC sure are loving themselves some Mike. Is he dating the President's daughter or something?

Anonymous said...

@1:48, it's called striking while the iron is hot. Everyone knows that their time for fame will one day come to an end, might as well stack your bread & do whatever you can now. Mike Strahan is taking the Steve Harvey route lol

@2:55, I complete agree with you.

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