Saturday, August 20, 2016

NY Airbnb Hosts Snub Kanye West

Last week Kylie Jenner scored a free stay at a lavish Airbnb rental in Turks and Caicos in exchange for promoting Airbnb on Instagram [click here if you missed that].

Too bad nobody wants to extend the same courtesy to her brother-in-law Kanye West...

According to reports Kanye West is having a hard time securing his own Airbnb sponsored rental in New York because landlords don't want their property associated to him or his wife Kim Kardashian.

Insiders tell Page Six,
“Not many of these sellers want to rent to Kimye, as having their names, and Airbnb, attached to such a luxury property won’t help a sale. It isn’t attractive to high-end buyers."
Yeezy is looking for a base for his New York fashion week stay.


Anonymous said...

Also NY real Estate is more expensive than Turks and Caicos. People aren't just giving away free rooms to people who can clearly afford it. This is business and I for sure wouldn't pay 2,000 (or whatever the cost is) a night to stay somewhere just because Kimye funky asses stayed there.

Allihave2say said...

Well Kanye's rental doesn't have to be public knowledge. I'm sure there are many people who rent these places and their use of purpose of rental is not disclosed publicly.

Anonymous said...

Wait?! Doesn't have an apt. in NY?! Like the papz be posted over there and everything when he's in town. He's had apt in NY for years. Unless the broke rumors are true and he dumped it.

T said...

no one wants KUM and her crew filming in their shit.
They would film and there is no way around it, Kris would make sure of that.

they got money why don't they just plunk down a 1m to rent something, LOL!!

they said his NYC apt is a one bedroom

2FLy said...

This whole article is misleading.. snitch needs to hire better editors. Kanye and Kim are looking for 30 million dollar range of apartments and at that high high end a lot of people and there (co-op) boards won't rent to them. His 1bed apt in NY to small for all of them.

2FLy said...

And it's FREE Airbnb are trying to pay 150K for the stay

Anonymous said...

Airbnb is known to have racist hosts. It's no secret. Google "airbnb racism", if you want to know more.

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