Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ray J Defends Chris Brown Amid Stand-Off

Earlier today there was a police stand-off at Chris Brown's house after a woman accused the pop star of pulling a gun on her [click here if you missed that].

 Ray J, who was there at the time, speaks out about the incident while reports claim cops have retrieved weapons and drugs from Chris Brown's home...

Meanwhile according to TMZ
Police have retrieved at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from Chris Brown's home, after Chris threw a duffel bag out the window of his home.
Police have been at the house since 3 AM and are in the process of getting a search warrant. Chris has not left the house, but multiple sources tell us he was defiant as he threw the duffel bag out the window, taunting cops and saying, "Come and get me."


Anonymous said...

That chick wasn't no damn stranger! WTF you was doing in CB house anyway Ray J. According to CB he was sleep the entire time and woke up to police at his door. You idiots can't even get your own story straight.

Ron said...

This pasty wt bish is lying on Chris!!

Anonymous said...

Why was she even near/in the house? This sounds like the Sam Cooke story...I think they're coming for CB, but he makes it easy for them with all the questionable people and alleged drug use swirling around him. They're probably going to try to send him to jail like they did Tupac...Whatever we think of Chris Brown, he was the ONLY Black celebrity who called out the Ebola outbreak of 2014 for what it was: Population Control and a Eugenics program targeting Black and African people.

Y'all who are awake know what time it is...It seem like they're coming for every Black man who's speaking the truth about or resisting this system (Aries Spears, Katt Williams, Prince)

Anonymous said...

^^^I'm not even a fan of dude, but he did put out that Ebola tweet and that took guts; I knew they'd try him after that

Sunni Daze said...

He screaming black lives matter while fucking with demon blood white bitches....

Hassan Allison said...

It's not illegal to have a gun in your home for protection. If it was illegal every one in the South would be arrested. Where is the NRA when Black folk legally posses guns ?

Anonymous said...

It can't be everyone else's fault all the time. He never learns; would almost certainly be in and out of jail if it weren't for his recording career.

Anonymous said...

Why would this fool allow a bunch of people to hang out in his house when he's allegedly sleep anyway? I find men who only seem to be most comfortable when they're constantly in the company of other men to be rather suspect. And why is Ray J. at your house getting a tattoo? Why didn't his ass solicit the tattoo artist to his own house? And even if he is Chris's personal tattoo artist, unless he's giving you a tattoo Chris, why is he all up in your house while you're sleep? When you decide you're about to go to bed, everybody needs to evacuate your premises. If that was the rule, you wouldn't wake up to isht like this. And Ray J., if there's nothing going on, why was yo azz so quick to bounce? Chris, grow up, make these leaches take they assess home, quit allowing them to use your home as a frat house, and learn to be by yourself! A bunch of grown ass men constantly up under another grown ass man. WTH

Anonymous said...

@4:11 amen.

Anonymous said...

@4:11 ~ I think it's either drug use or some type of fear that keeps him surrounded with people. He might genuinely be afraid to be alone (like Gaga who's afraid to sleep alone because the "ghosts and demons" whom she says torment her in her sleep.)


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Chris surrounds himself with losers and wonders why he stay losing.

Anonymous said...

Damn 4:30...I think you just summmed it up.

Anonymous said...

Had the hoe been black none of this would be going down. Now he messes with the "right one" and all of this unnecessary drama is at his door step...literally. If you're uninvited or I tell you to leave my house, bish bounce! Whether he was asleep or not, someone told her to get out. She should've had her knees to her chest scurrying on out the door.

D L said...

"The woman involved has been identified as former Miss California Regional and model/actress Baylee Curran, who went on TMZ Live and explained that Brown freaked out at her after she admired some jewelry. She also claims that his team “wouldn’t let her take her cell phone until she signed a non-disclosure agreement,” though she refused to oblige and left with a friend. Ray J was also at Brown’s house; according to TMZ, the women had been brought as a guest of another man, and were not invited by Brown."

Anonymous said...

His dumbass knows that as a convicted felon, and the way trouble seems to follow him, these white folks are watching and waiting for the opportunity to get in that house and find firearms or any sort of weapon that is going to put him in violation. He already had to cut ties with his one so called friend for leaking all his business to TMZ all this time. Aint no telling what business he's exposing, and whose payroll he's on now that he's an outsider. If Chris has an inkling of common sense, he'll cut ties with whoever brought the two pink toes up in the house too. Cause it's starting to sound like a setup for the authorities to be able to get in his house and get him on some charges.

Allihave2say said...

You don't break and run from anyone in your house. You also don't allow just anyone in your house. Go to bed at your house when you're tired. Make sure only the residents are inside and all the locks are locked before the sleep. No other way.

Anonymous said...

Could be on an island chilling but the multi fukcing millionaire wanna be a thug...he wanna rep blood and hang with killers..dumb fucker don't ever have to deal with that shit again in his life and he's RUNNING toward the shit...this don't have to do with shit but him fukcing his life up...

Chantee Srey said...

Thought he was asleep? This fool is a lost cause. He just lost the case for CB.

Anonymous said...

.....Meanwhile, he could've actually done it.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ 3:43PM Although everything that you said was true but ain't nobody after no fuckin Chris Brown. He do stupid shit and get his own self caught up. That nigga don't even drop enough truth to have muthafuckas after him. When he start dropping some hidden shit and feel like he's being watched, followed, phones tapped and someone trying to shut him up then you can say people out to get him. He fucking up his own life being up under them no good ass niggas, having them up in his personal house where he have his daughter and worse of all hanging up under the damn white people. Nigga getting what he deserved. Stop doing stupid shit.

Anonymous said...

Ms Ray J needs to go set her corn ball a$$ down some where. he has been riding other people fame for years. when his sister and Whitney dropped out of the spot light he just hooks on to any one he can. he better watch it or Chris will take him down with him. Chris turns into a skurd little 5 year old girl when he does not have his paid thugs next to him.

Anonymous said...

"Yo.. This Ray J" no shit queen it's on your instagram you dumb ass bitch! You just stay thirsty for a camera moment!! He always smiling on some sneaky shit

Ray J ain't nothing but the damn industry's Grim Reaper. His crack dealin ass loves to slither his oil slick lookin ass around people he know ain't but 2 bumps away from a lethal overdose. Why hasn't this queen been stomped out yet?

Anonymous said...

Ray J is an agent. He set this up!

Anonymous said...

Chris Brown stay away from Ray J & Brandy

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