Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Soulja Boy Shooter Was Looking for Sean Kingston

Last week a party guest at rapper Soulja Boy's in-studio birthday celebration was shot in the arm during a botched robbery [click here if you missed that].

Turns out the shooter was actually looking for Sean Kingston...

Soulja Boy's artist Killa J tells Vlad TV the shooters initially asked for Sean Kingston before demanding his bag.

Killa also cleared up rumors that his label boss left him behind explaining,
"They tried to act like Soulja left me and s***, but when I got in the ambulance that's when he left. But, Soulja came out when he heard the glass bust, then I seen Soulja running toward the noise; he came for the action." 
"He had his scrap with him, he came out looking for dude, but dude was already gone, though."
Fun Fact: Sean Kingston was robbed inside an LA nightclub back in June, which he believes was an inside job [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

So is it that Sean Kingston is an easy target (like Star said in is VLOG) or is there more to Sean Kingston than meets the eye? That would explain why white and black Hollywood still invites him to stuff when he had one hit 9 years ago and how he allegedly has homes on both coasts and a NetJets account.

(Remember that Blind Item about an unassuming rapper/crossover star who was secretly a drug kingpin? Everybody thought it was Nick Cannon, but now I'm wondering. Let me see if I can find it.)

If it's him, that's super smart. Let people think you're corny all the while moving huge amounts of weight. It's always the people you least expect that are doing the most dirt.

Anonymous said...

Nahhhh. Sean Kingston is just a corn ball. If he was a Weight-Boss he would protect his neck and nit be getting jacked up every where like a roasted chicken with little white boots on. Furthermore, his Mommy wouldn't be asking for h is property back on SM because real bad boys move in silence.

Anonymous said...

^^^Not a roasted chicken with a Sean Kingston head?!?!? The visual is hilarious!

And frankly, I don't know what to think about this dude. You and 12:03 both made good points, but maybe this is a long con and to make us think he's a cornball to throw everybody off? Maybe I need a Gatorade because it's hot outside and I'm not thinking straight?

debbie said...

@12:03 Things that make me go Hummmm.(Arsenio's voice) I read on several blogs the shooters actually asked for Soulja Boy and seeing how he flashes his wealth on SM. It seemed logical Soulja would run into danger.

debbie said...

@12:13 Sean's mother is on SM asking for the return of her child's possessions? Sean still has things worth stealing? Collection on drug debts? What happens in the dark comes out in light. *reaches for the remote and popcorn

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nah i dont believe Nick Cannon was a Weight-boss

Anonymous said...

Stop all of this wannabe Gangster stuff. You wonder why you are always targeted

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