Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg Lowers the Boom?

Earlier this week there were rumors that producers from The View had given Whoopi Goldberg the power to fire whomever she wanted as an incentive to sign her new contract [click here if you missed that].

Did Whoopi just flex her firing muscle..?

From The Daily Mail
Executives at ABC News have cut Paula Faris' days on The View down from five to one.
'The day they told Paula she was livid. It was the first time anyone behind the scenes had ever seen her lose her cool.
'She yelled at the executives when they presented the information and said: "This is a bunch of bull!" She was outraged. Despite the meeting taking place behind closed doors in Faris' dressing room, those passing by could hear her gripe about how 'I know this is Whoopi's doing' and accused the Oscar winner of sabotaging her.
'She is adamant that the network bowed to pressure from Whoopi to get rid of Paula as part of her negotiations to return for Season 20,' the insider claims.


Anonymous said...

If getting rid of Ms. Paula will make that show less annoying I say cut that bih off!!!

Anonymous said...

Cancel this shit already. I wouldn't watch that show if somebody had a gun pointed at my head. I would rather die.

Anonymous said...

I love The View but I don't even watch the days Raven is on anymore. So, I hope she is apart of Whoopi's firing spree. Lol Paula is actually easier to watch lately but it's true that she's rarely on there.

Anonymous said...

Whoopi sucks as moderator with her overbearing ass! Keep joy, sunny, jedediah , and sara.

Anonymous said...

but raven still there? fvck you whoopi, you coonsicle.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's on at a doctor or dentist's office, who still watches this show?

The King Of The Real said...

the shit is still on

Anonymous said...

The View jumped the shark a long time ago. ABC must have trouble finding another show to fill that time slot.

Oneal Stevens said...

7:59AM :D Coonsicle! LOL WTF! School me, how is she a coonsicle? I know she will dance to her own "toon".
I like Paula, I liked Nicolle Wallace from last season too she had a brain seems like anyone who's a nerd gets sacked.
The got rid of Michelle Collins and she had jokes!
The one that KILLED it for me was Jenny McCarthy!!!
She needed to stay at the playboy mansion. for real.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Whoopi took the okie doke.. They want it to be on record when The View is finally done that a white woman started it and a black woman ran it into the ground trying to keep it afloat.

The only thing that could save that shitfest is probably if Babara Walters comes back consistently for a couple seasons.

Anonymous said...

Paula is gone because she had the nerve to defy and question Whoopi's opinions.

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