Saturday, September 03, 2016

Chris Brown Accuser Linked to Baby Mama Nia Guzman?

Earlier this week R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested and booked felony assault with a deadly weapon charges after disgraced former beauty queen Baylee Curran accused him of pulling a gun on her inside his house over a suspected jewel theft [click here if you missed that].

Is Baylee conspiring with Chris Brown's baby mama Nia Guzman to bring him down..?

Chris' attorney sure seems to think so.

In a press conference on Friday Chris' lawyer Mark Geragos explained,
"As far as I can tell, there were no drugs found. As far as I can tell, there were no guns found in the house."
"There was no jewelry found in the house that matched what [Curran] described."
"One of the things we're investigating is that there are now reports the accuser has a relationship with the mother of his child."
"What's particularly disturbing to me is that this comes on the heels of a custody battle that he won — and that the lawyer in Houston who represented the mother of Royalty immediately came out and was making statements.”
"I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, but that certainly would be one angle,"


The King Of The Real said...

Chris, keep winning against these hoes

Anonymous said...

Please put that white cracker bitch in jail

Anonymous said...

Chris is the biggest hoe.

Anonymous said...

I knew the come up queen had something to do with it. It just seems so far fetched that this nobody caused all this trouble. But don't stop there. Investigate Ray J's show killin' ass too. He's in on this shit.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on the baby mama story. Blaming the BM is Chris's attorneys way to point the finger on someone else. The chick may be cool with the baby mama BUT I'm sure Chris was well aware of that before she was let into the house. I bet they all run in the same circles and sleep with each other just like on Love and Hip Hollywood. Ray has slept with half the chicks on that show including Fizz's BM. I'm not counting out the white girl story. The devil is in the details and did you hear what she had to say. Somebody came to the house selling Jewery. WTF!!! Who is selling Jewery at a ghetto drug induced house party. White girl said Chris got pissed that they were in the house and told them to go back outside before kicking them out. Some of the people may be to young to remember when Brandy was on MTV's Punk'd remember her and Ray got pulled over by the fake cops and Ray had a bunch of jewelry with him (I'm assuming it was fake for the show purpose). They asked him how he got and he was like a friend gave it to me to show my friends and see if they would like to buy it. The police acted like it came back to be stolen. The police stepped away and Brandy and Ray was talking and she was like who give it to you. Ray said he couldn't say and Brandy was like well you better make something up. I'm just saying Ray was at the house, the white chick said something about someone trying to sell jewelry and when they walked in Chris got pissed and told them to go outside. Sound like they were up to no good. To try and throw the BM under the bus is just a crazy way to throw a smoke screen off of what was really going on. The punk storyline could have been taking from what Ray really does. I wonder if people give him stollen jewelry to go to sell to his celebrity friends. Doesn't sound far fetched. People always wonder how he gets his really money. Personal I thought he ran a prostiution ring. Maybe he has multiple sources of income.

prissa o said...

That white lady is SO ugly. I can believe she was a "beauty" pageant winner. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

@9:07, You said a lot and I believe you touched on something regarding RayJ. He's definitely a hustler, and I believe that's one of the things Kim K liked about him. Kim and some of her family turned around and stole from Brandy when she was acting as her "stylist". And regarding Chris, he needs to get of California before it's too late. He's just another OJ to them. They're going to stay after him until they get him.

Ron said...

9:07 get a life please. All of this is gossip and rumor. We should all spend time on making sure our own life is in order. Chris is rich he does not need your advise.

Anonymous said...

your right they are going to keep after him until they get him which is SAD. He needs to leave these industry TRICKS alone, because they're all looking for a come up and his BM what a pathetic BITCH to do this to your baby daddy which is doing right by you. Chris is like OJ though he doesn't know WHEN TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STAY LOW KEY.

Anonymous said...

@8:30 BITCH you mad for GOSSIP being disseminated on a GOSSIP site? sounds like YOU need to get a life and make sure YOURS is in order.

Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me see how the BM would want to "bring Chris down".
He appears to be main source of income for her so why would she want to blow up her gravy train.
Makes NO sense.
And please nobody say to get sole custody of the baby and thus upping child support because that makes no sense.
If he has no income (ie getting dropped from his label) child support will be reduced, and if she was so concerned about sole custody, she wouldn't have let him know the baby was his and then chase him down to for child support and demand that he spend time with her.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ there is no gravy train. She don't get much because Chris does it all. She want Royalty and Money coming to her.

Anonymous said...

@2:07pm, Maybe she wasnt sure Royalty was Chris at the beginning
Wasnt she engaged to that King BaBa dude ?
Smh, King BaBa and Nina probably had all this planned from the beginning
They just had to put their ducks in a row
Plus i heard Chris was providing for the child b4 the news hit the media
But greedy azz Nina violated the gag order
wanting more money
Thus bringing all this shyt on

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