Monday, September 05, 2016

Chris Brown Loses Big Apple Deal?

Back in June Chris Brown's road manager and his publicist abruptly quit accusing the singer of assault, acting erratic and being back on drugs [click here if you missed that].

Did Breezy's meltdown cost him a lucrative contract...?

Sure sounds like it.

Insiders tell Perez Hilton Apple Music pulled the licensing deal for the exclusive rights to an upcoming Chris Brown documentary off the table after the latest allegations leveled by his ex-manager and publicist.

Chris was set to receive an $800k advance before the deal fell through.


Anonymous said...

Waiting on the conspiracy mofos to say how much they put to get him.This Nigga just keep getting his wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Anything that comes from Perez Hilton concerning Chris gas to be taken with a grain of salt... Perez has been actively trying to get a reaction out of chris for the past few weeks so...

Allihave2say said...

Is Perez Hilton's long assed face still a thing? He is a disgusting gay natzi heterophobe. Anyone who doesn't support homosexuality is subjected to as much hate as people who are homosexual by this rectangle head. Yuck.

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