Saturday, September 17, 2016

Chrissy Teigen's New Obsession Turns Scary?

Insiders claim John Legend's wife, model Chrissy Teigen, has turned her determination with losing post-pregnancy weight to a frightening all consuming obsession...

From Star Magazine
“It’s out of control and turning into a kind of “OCD,” says a source close to the couple. “She’s back to weighing herself three times a day, and even gets the tape measure out. John thinks she’s putting far too much pressure on herself.” 
The worst part: The self-described “foodie” likes to cook and bake up a storm and post it all on social media but she rarely partakes. “What you don’t see,” says the informant, “is her sitting there, picking at her plate.”
[September 26 Print Edition]


Anonymous said...

This chick is creepy weird. She mad because she not getting any attention and is labeled a mom. Also mad because Kim Kardashian gets more attention than she does and her own husband more famous than her. Basically she just a background. They all down with evil.

Anonymous said...

What's frightening is the plastic surgery road she's going down. Starting to look very artificial, especially her cheeks and eyes.

Brigid Murphy said...

You people need to worry about someone other than Chrissy. When she left the hospital she looked fabulous. Maybe u should check out some other sites so u can see ur reporting is not accurate. There goes that job at New York Times u applied for!!!!

Anonymous said...

a.k.a people doing shit for attention and snitch falling for the okeydoke and me too cuz I clicked

Anonymous said...

This wide faced, saw masked Asian lady boy is super annoying. John scraped the bottom of the barrel for this woman. Then again, he's not much of a catch himself. Black men forever get other races rejects because they are so desperate for light skin and long hair non-black women; yet non-black men stay getting the creme de LA creme black women.

Anonymous said...

I know what u are talking about
There were a whole lot of men lusting over
Dontella Versace on @mto today
I bet they were all all black men, smh
If u can , go check out the pics :(

Anonymous said...

Donatella Versace? No way. That melted cheese-faced old hag?
Black men are always seen with low quality white/other wives. At best they will be nothing more than hot. But majority of them will be unaccomplished former escorts. Black men in their prime with everything going for them getting with used cumbuckets and former porn stars.

If you want a white wife, fine. But get one who is on your level. Get one with accomplishments of her own. Get one whose private parts are not known by the whole world.
You see rich white men with black women who have got their own sht going on and their own sht together.
Black men stay losing whilst thinking they winning.

Ella of fakeababydotcom said...

Well hopefully it's just a post-partum syndrome - or maybe something. We'll never know!

debbie said...

Here we go. Another case against copy and paste blogging aka lazy journalism. Star magazine is the source you used? I know it's Sunday, Snitch, but really?

Anonymous said...

@11:05 i always wondered why when black men date outside the race they choose the fattest and ugliest white women. bm have no standards either hair-hatted hoodrats or trailer trash pink toes.

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