Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Creditors Coming for Lil Wayne's Assets

Last year rapper Lil Wayne lost a lawsuit to a sound system company who accused him of owing them nearly a quarter million dollars for work on his 2013 US and European tours [click here if you missed that].

Now the company has been given the green light to go after Weezy's assets...

According to The Jasmine Brand Lil Wayne never responded to the judgement and Eight Day Sound Systems now has the authority to go after Weezy's property and assets to satisfy the debt.

Eight Day Sound Systems is owed $232k.


blashi said...

He keeps saying f@CK cash money !! Birdman aint playin Weezy dont know how to pay bills like regular folk and his stunna daddy knows it. He'll be broke b4 he is 35

Allihave2say said...

Well this is the result of the following life events(list will be long):
1. An immature mother who sent her son out to impregnate someone so SHE can have PLAYMATES.
2. An immature greedy irresponsible mother who turned her juvenile son over to the care of a man she didn't know and allowed him to have his way with her son.
3. Lack of complete fundamental education.
4. Extreme substance abuse inhibiting the ability to think, plan, function, focus and take care of business.
5. Being the victim of mind control.
6. Being the victim of child sexual abuse.
7. Giving his wealth to the white girl and her family; building them houses and businesses. I'm sure they won't be willing to step up and give him any financial help.
8. Procreating with multiple women an paying child support.
9. Trusting a man, any man, but Birdman in particular with his money and legal life.
10. Failure to have your own accountantS, bankerS, auditorS, and financial advisorS. You got to have checkers to check the checkers.
11. Not paying his own bills and signing his own checks.

Please add more below. Perhaps an aspiring artist will learn.

LaShawn Hall said...

That's why Lil Wayne lawyers know they ain't winning the case against Birdman. Wayne is losing all the way around. He better jump on that Rich Gang compilation album before it is too late.

LaShawn Hall said...

@1:10, publish these rules

Anonymous said...

12. Knowing Birdman Sandusky screwed over all the Hotboys and Mannie Fresh.

13. Having two opportunities to leave Birdman Sandusky, and yet resigning.

14. Calling Birdman Sandusky your "Daddy"

15. Kissing Birdamn Sandusky in the mouth, kissing any man period.

16. After Birdman Sandusky and Young Thug tried to have you killed and still appeared on stage with him afterwards.

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example of everything that is up don't always stay there. They made billionaire shirts, baby done got the cookies and got him defending his homo$^. There out here on MTV cribs burning money like they foolish. 1:10 you are correct as well. Ignorance will make you pay...and now the piper is calling.

Anonymous said...

17. Confiding in Superhead!

18. Signing Tyga to a record deal.

2FLy said...

U guys are idiots, just because you're cash poor doesn't mean ur asset poor. Wayne has a 28$ million dollar art collection. Lol you people are so stupid

Anonymous said...


Well he has to sell the art collection to pay the bills dont he dumb ass? Sit your industry groupie ass down.

Anonymous said...

Birdman his not gonna let his girl leave without a fight. You better put respeck on his name Wayne

2FLy said...

@2:29 Yeah but u don't pay high taxes on the art like u will with cash$. That's the diff between rich people and u dumb poor fucks like u. You don't even know how manage assets. Getting rid of art is Miami is cake. Stay yo ass in the ghetto typing on you 49$ tablet and Sit yo dumb non finance comprehending ass down. U don't even know the difference between an asset or liability. Go now drive off in your Buy here Pay here car with ur 420 credit score.

Anonymous said...

@2Fly ^^^^^^^^^
Daaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnn, u went in...you must be cool with Wayne

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