Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Drake Spotted with a Gaggle of Girls?

Last week Drake and Rihanna went public with their romance but was it just a week long fling..?

Could be.

From The Mirror
Drake made his romance with Rihanna official this week, but the Bajan beauty was nowhere in sight as he partied in the early hours of Friday morning with a group of girls.
The rapper was seen leaving the Eden Rock hotel in Miami at around midnight with a group of pals before heading to the nearby Edition hotel in a group of four SUVs.


Kitty B. said...

Drake is one of the biggest if not THE biggest rap artist our right now, groupies will always be around its expected...honestly i think these 2 are just best friends who kiss on the mouth every here and now...doubt anything truly serious will happen with them....

LaShawn Hall said...

He is young and free. So what of it?

Anonymous said...

It was PR for the VMAs. They aren't and will never be a legit couple.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

drake is so corny, but then again, overrated Lil Wayne put him on, now we cant get rid of his butt, and Wayne is retiring.

Can we get back to music before the A Milli remixes that killed hip hop and revive it.

Bronx, NY come save your baby!!! Cuz these regions of America done jacked it up. Now we got Drake and Future, ugh!

Where is WuTang when need them, yo?!?!

Anonymous said...

Please this was all publicity from the start and it all began at Roc Nation Awards,

Anonymous said...

It was PR for the VMAs. They aren't and will never be a legit couple.
2:26 PM

Hi^5, these two are probably friends with benefits, but like I said in a previous post when Aubrey is done with his rapper/metrothug/black phase he will bring a JEWISH girl home to his JEWISH mother.

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