Monday, September 19, 2016

Game Turns His Sights on Beanie Sigel

Last night Meek Mill dropped a diss track aimed at rapper Game ft. Beanie Sigel, Omelly, and Takbar [click here if you missed that].

Game fires back promising to release another diss and calls Beans a 'crack smoker' and saying he looks 'sick...'


Anonymous said...

OK is this real? I know Beanie don't play that lol Game get fucked up if you want.

Indi_flo said...

yoooo do NOT GO AFTER BEANS...pshhh ok nevamind

Anonymous said...

He don't want none with Beans. You can REALLY tell Game hasn't spent much time on the East Coast (let alone Philly) because Philly dudes don't talk, they do.

(I lived in the "tamer" part of North Philly for 7 years during and after college...Game is dumb for this because while he's eThugging, some people really are about that life. Beans is doing better after his health scare, but he still ain't on that BS.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that shit Game said was funny. I hope everything he says he can back it up b/c Game don't want to see them ni66as with them Bean Pies and Bow Ties.

Watchwatusay said...

Them philly dudes be on some other sh**
Game think its a game till them things come out.... really don't want it

Anonymous said...


I fuck wit Beans old music but after being shot dude lost his voice. He sounds horrible.

Game has spent plenty of time on the Eastcoast mostly in NYC. Hence why he and 50 had such a falling out due to his connections with Henchman, Fat Joe and a few others. Beanie and Meeka really aint no threat to nobody in real life, if it was AR AB & Darklo then maybe Game might have some problems. Since they dont fuck wit Meeka at all safe to say Game will be just fine.

Anonymous said...


Meek can't fight so he has no choice put to pull a gun out. If you want proof that Meek has no hands go look at that video of him at the gym hitting the bag. Nigga punch like he got two left hands, that shit is cringe worthy SMFH

Anonymous said...

This aint the old rocafella beans. This the new struggle vocal 45 year old beans. Take him and meeka out Game.

Anonymous said...

@10:30, I agree. I live in south philly, and everybody knows philly guys are crazy. esp up north and the deep south. They don't talk, they do.
The game is so corny to me. He just comes off as a giant baby. And why do people think just because they spent time in new york they are tough?! New york guys have nothing on philly guys anyway. Esp north philly guys. They are crazy and the meaning of loyalty to them is something a lot of people wouldn't understand unless you grew up in philly. It's a sometimes dumb and blind loyalty, but they take it serious.

Anonymous said...

@11:19 - Yup, people just don't get it unless they're from or lived in Philly. They truly take loyalty to a whole other level

Anonymous said...


Spending time in New York doesnt make anybody tough. The point was a previous poster assumed Game hasnt spent time on the Eastcoast which isn't true thats all.

Being from Philly doesn't mean shit really in the case of Meek. The nigga has no hands, he can't fight.


Anonymous said...

Meek is better off growing long fingernails and swim fight.

Without guns in these dudes hands most dudes coward up or run, I've witness it.

Anonymous said...

Do not listen to these demons

Anonymous said...

you have to live here to undersatnd

Anonymous said...

Philly tri-state is TOTALLY different from the New York tri-state. "Spending time" some place is different from living some place. I've lived in DC, New York, outside of Philly, and in Coastal and South LA; There really is a difference between LA and Philly "goons."

Maybe it's the culture but the concept of "gangs" isn't really a thing in Philly. They have neighborhood and block issues (Google JBM) instead and the police are overwhelmed and underfunded.

Also, if you're homeless, broke, or have issues in LA there's an entire network of social programs to help you plus warm weather. Philly dudes are battled hardened and have been through a TON of stuff that would make your head spin by the age of 13 in some cases. Cold winters and NO network of social programs or gangs to fall back on.

Meek isn't gonna do anything and is super soft but I bet the GOONS around him are about that life. I mean damn, Philly is a city that regularly hijacks mail trucks and beat a homeless man almost to death with chair legs. It truly is the roughest place I've been (outside of Afghanistan, Marseille and Detroit.)

Game doesn't get it. As someone said, you have to live there to understand.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Philly Game LA and Meek!! You know what I see...2 stupid multi-millionaires that grew up in certified war zones, made it out, but still wanna go outside and play in the streets. Some blacks are just dumb as fuck. But you know who loses? Their boys that dont have that million dollar security. Game or Meek not getting jumped touched etc so once again WWF beef probably gonna cause a few deaths but blame the million dollar boys and the idiots that follow and sacrifice their lives/freedom just for some shrimp fried rice money and some loose pussy here and there...pathetic

Anonymous said...

I hate how you niggas fall into these fake beef fuckery. We are so easily influenced its fucking sad. These pussy ass niggas are fucking friends. Trust if they were really beefing they would have been killed each damn other

Anonymous said...

I wish these Senior Citizens rappers would act their damn age! Grow up! Influencing thousands & thousands of young men lost in the streets to follow this type of behavior is DISGUSTING. You're going to beat Meek up because he told an associate that you were going to rob him?! How about you beat yourself up for even desiring to rob ANYONE, or associate with anyone who has to rob people for their jewels. So lame.

Don Clark said...

Game should chill the fuck down..

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Anonymous said...

Great job boys! Continue perpetuating gangsta culture, twisting young minds and feeding the prison industrial complex. Pass Go and collect your $200 check. Keep it up and there just might be a yacht or a new bentley in it for ya!

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