Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Iman Shumpert Formally Charged

Last week news leaked that Cleveland Cavaliers Iman Shumpert had been arrested in Georgia on suspicion of DUI [click here if you missed that].

Iman has been formally charged...

According to reports Iman Shumpert has been charged with DUI (drugs), marijuana possession (less than an ounce), and failure to maintain lane.

All charges are misdemeanors but the marijuana charge could mean up to a year in jail.


Anonymous said...

Front Office at NBA, does not like Players to Date in the Celebrity World. They feel there is too many negative Influences, and distractions. Like what happpened here

Anonymous said...

He's got nice hair.

Anonymous said...

Ritual Intiation time, smh
Teyana wanted to move up in ranks in the industry
I have mixed feelings about it cus Im happy
she is getting the recognition she deserves and worked so hard for
But it sad another have sold out yet again

Anonymous said...

No loss. Is he a star player? I haven't watched basketball in years.

Anonymous said...

@9:17 worked hard @ what?? She is a bust down ran thru industry thot. Ghul bye!

Anonymous said...

@ 8:54.. nice hair? Look at the hair on his face... didnt put perm on his face.. so his face has his natural hair! SMH

Kitty B. said...

9:54 he's decent on defense, but nothing great...makes more bricks than shots, he was VERY lucky when the Knicks traded him to Cleveland, but I see him getting traded again in the near future

Anonymous said...



prissa o said...

The humiliation ritual continued. DO NOT be surprised if you see Teyanna pop up with some risqué pics or pics of the baby in animal print and kitten ears headband. DO NOT be surprised if we hear from the side chick again. DO NOT be surprised if we see Iman sporting skinny pants and belly shirts or serenading his teammates in the hot tub. DO NOT BE SURPRISED!!!

Just remember you heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn, this is one ugly ass dude.

Anonymous said...

@ Prissa O, Remember that pic they all took
with the baby?
Well they both had turbans on including the baby
Nick Cannon also sports the same turban
Some may say its just a fashion trend, but in hollyweird, I wouldnt be surprised if it has some type of symbolic meaning
Also that video she did at that award show
basically was her official entrance in
She also married dude so she can officially climb up the success ladder now

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