Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ludacris' Baby Mama Drama Exposed

Back in July Atlanta rapper Ludacris temporarily lost custody of his 2 year-old daughter with former side-piece, Tamika Fuller, after Tamika accused Luda of physically abusing the child [click here if you missed that].

Ludacris has since regained custody and accuses Tamika of going to extreme lengths to set him up...

According to newly leaked records from their bitter ongoing custody dispute, Ludacris claims Tameka submitted digitally enhanced photos of bruises on their daughter's face in a effort to defraud Child Protective Services.

However, after a thorough investigation, the courts sided with Ludacris and the child was returned to the rapper's care.


Kitty B. said...

Any woman would go to extremes to win back their child!

This woman was his side chick for YEARS, YEARSSSS, now she come up pregnant, you wanna "try" to clean up the mess and take the baby from the mother, just cause you didn't want to strap up or at least remain faithful to your currently chick.

Give the woman back her damn baby!!!

Haven't like this cocksucker since this whole situation came to light..

T said...

I am so sick of his tiny tot lil butt, he is a lil monster. He only wants the kid because he does not want to pay her.

I hpe his vapid, attention whoring BEARD of a wife is treating her well. WE will never know.

2FLy said...

Are y'all serious? This woman lied in court. Made photoshop pictures of fake bruises and cuts on the girl. She needs to be charged for that. Shows how unstable she is. And some black kids don't need to be with their mothers. Look at how the avg Blk kids now. Lol u hoes get real

Ron said...

Give this mother her child back. I would go to great lengths for my child too. This nigga is ill.

Kitty B. said...

@2Fly any real mother/woman would go through great lengths to get back their child.
This asshole took the baby only to keep his image intact and not pay her child support.

If anything this shows how desperately she wants to be with her baby.

Give the woman back her child!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:46AM, are you other guys kidding?

Framing another human being for assault to a child which could cause jail time and loss of one's reputation and career is NEVER ACCEPTABLE!

Tameka abandoned her first born to the point that it took years for the grandparents to become guardians because for years, no one could find Tameka.

That firstborn daughter said she was left to fend for herself.

Tameka sees this baby as a meal ticket and that is all.

Anonymous said...

11:43 but what does that say about him and his partner choosing skills. He is no better than her.

Anonymous said...


Just like most child molesters or murderers don't announce their intentions to unsuspecting wives or girlfriends, a person who would frame you probably won't give you fair warning either.

Being duped by a con artist should not land the victim in jail, nor the child with the said con artist.

Anonymous said...

This couldn't be me. I'd kill myself and the child. You do not take a child from its mother.

Anonymous said...

@12:05pm You'd kill yourself and the child? You sound quite unstable yourself.



Anonymous said...

If Tamika is granted visitation (which I would be prone to deny), it should be supervised. If she is someone like 12:05PM, she would hurt the child and try to frame Ludacris or kill the child because she felt like she lost control.

Anonymous said...

12:05PM, so you would leave a child with a mother who is criminal, abusive and possibly murderous?

That simply because she spit the baby out her vag gives her property rights to abuse, neglect or kill that child?

Anonymous said...

If she did that this bitch is NUTS. And I don't even like Luda's DL ass.

Anonymous said...

Preach, Kitty B!

Anonymous said...

Well, since the "beating" stunt did not work, next thing you know, Tamika will be claiming that Luda is sexually abusing the child.

These type of people never give up until they get what they want.

Just. watch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm shallow, but don't Tamika look like a teenage boy?
#TalkAmongstYourselves #TeaTime

too real said...

10:24 - you said it all.

The King Of The Real said...

Tamika is a piece of shit, plain and simple. Luda actually did the right thing. I hope they charge her. I dont get why everyone thinks Tamika is entitled to another child when she actually still hasnt tried with the first one. She is a sloring thirst bucket who wants coins and fame for gold digging and side chick status. Does she finally have a job and a stable residence? Because she didnt at the trial. And any person that thinks killing a child because you been deemed ill fit to take care of one do me a favor and get some mental help.

The King Of The Real said...

The court found that Ms. Fuller:

1. abandoned her 1st child at a very young age
2. left her first daughter with her family and moved out of state for years
3. lacked a consistent employment history
4. was unable to take care of herself
5. lacked stability (Cai lived in 3 different homes with Fuller in the 1st year of her life)
8. used the baby for publicity purposes

The court found that Mr. Bridges:

1. exhibited more stability
2. demonstrated a history of taking care of Cai (he had her 145 days out of 365 days).
3. demonstrated he would foster a good co-parenting relationship with Fuller

Anonymous said...

^ And thats that.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. More than likely the child IS being abused, whether it be physically or emotionally, by her step mother. Is Euninca really that great of a woman to embrace this break baby into her bosom, especially after giving birth to her own child. Are we really to believe both babies will be treated equally? We can hope all we want, but do you really believe?

Anonymous said...

3:50 could buy a limo company with all of that stretch.

Anonymous said...

What is sad is that there is no evidence that the step-mother is abusing this baby. Yet you want to speculate and slander this woman's name. In fact, the step-mother may feel empathy for this baby who was born to a bat-shit crazy mother by no doing of her own.

However, there IS evidence that Tamika will go to the extreme of attempting to frame the father of her child, in an attempt to alienate the child from the father, cause this child to hate her father once she becomes cognizant, put this man and/or his wife in jail for physically abusing the child, ruining both their lives and separating them both from the child they have to together.

What is sad is that Tamika has not been charged with filing a false police report, slander, libel, etc, and that her visitation is supervised only, at best.

What is sad is that if she is not checked in a court of law, she will step up her game and claim that the baby is being sexually abused. I wouldn't put it past her to let some man abuse her child and then try to blame it on the father.

prissa o said...

Sad situation all around. Feel bad for the child.
She's the one who has to suffer. :(

2FLy said...

@ any real mother wouldn't have left her first daughter to fend for herself. Any real mother would have a job to constantly support her daughter. Any real mother would have a roof over her head. Any real mother would put her daughter first instead of her feelings. She probably never bought neither daughters a pair but yet she wants to claim mother of the year. Now Kitty B if you consider her a real mother then I must judge ur mothering skills. And I must judge how your mother raised u. Especially if you consider her a real mother.

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