Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mariah Carey Suffers Sluggish Ticket Sales?

Is Mariah Carey having a tough time selling tickets in South America..?

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
September 14, 2016
This permanent A list singer probably won’t be sharing that almost half the people at her South American concerts got their tickets for free because no one was willing to pay to see her.
Mariah Carey


Anonymous said...

Beyonce is also giving away tickets and sending out daily TM alerts to try and fill seats.

These artist tour too much to make up for poor record sales (see Adele who just went diamond and announced she won't tour for 10 years). Problem is the tickets are too damn high and who wants to keep paying to see the same shit on a different day.

Amelia said...

I'm glad these musicians and the whole entire music industry is not making any money...


Don't buy shiit on Halloween--don't celebrate that crap

Don't celebrate or buy shiit for MurderOfNativeIndiansDay

Don't celebrate or buy shiit on that PAGAN-HEATHEN day called christmas

Crash this that the white Devil can go broke!!

Anonymous said...

Mariah's team is failing her miserably.

Anonymous said...

11.08 and what exactly will happen to this country if the people who run it go broke. While this country is rooted in fuckery do ppl who think like you think long term or just based on emotions. If business owners go out of business the economy crashes and people (black, white and other) will lose work, homes and lives. Or if the US goes so broke they have to be taken over by lets say China. You think that will be a better existence?

No shade I'm just curious as to what happens after we bankrupt the US economy? Where is it safe for black Americans live free and not be looked down on. Don't worry I'll wait.

Anonymous said...


We are headed towards a recession anyways.

OT: No one wants to see Mariah sing old songs. Make a hot album and people will get excited to come see you.

Anonymous said...


Stupidest shit ever typed!

Once again, stupidest shit ever typed!

Anonymous said...

@11:08 - Um, unintended consequences are that we'll all go broke too. But you have a point that the World economy is imploding, so ain't nobody got time for tickets!

Amelia said...

...this country needs to END! PERIOD. Too much blood on this land. Just too much.

If your mind is still on "america can be great again".....chances are that you will never see God, and you're FINISHED! Because obviously you still cannot see that we are in the very last days of the world....there WILL NEVER BE A GREAT AMERICA EVER AGAIN!!....get that into your thick skulls!!

I'm looking forward to the END OF THIS COUNTRY/WORLD and you all should be too!

Granted, the end may come 20 years from now, but that STILL is not a long ways away...and by then this country would be soooooo Decayed and Filthy, that there will be no choice but for the world to end.

#even #the #Russian #President #Putin #knows #this

Indi_flo said...

Mariah just stop wearing stockings and fishnets with open-toed shoes

Anonymous said...

Amila why wait. Go find a bridge and end your world today. "Make America great again" bitch WHERE? When was America great for black people? This is about as good as it has gotten they give the lazy free food, home and phones. This MFer better not end before I can collect my damn retirement that I'm working towards. You going nowhere mother fuckers can keep wishing on doon and gloom because misery is all you know. But some of us have shit to live for... and we helped make THIS country what it is so leaving it isn't an option right now.

Move along and go play in traffic.

Anonymous said...

no one wants to go see this old wash up mean heifer.............

Anonymous said...

I like how they tried to make her look like Shakira for the South American audience!

Anonymous said...

I agree @Amelia

U sound so powerful @1:25 pm
Since u are so strong and powerful, u can stop the world from ending, cus u dont play that!
Smh, black people and their logic

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