Thursday, September 08, 2016

Paris Jackson Moves Boyfriend Into Encino Compound

Earlier this year Michael Jackson fans were upset after his daughter Paris began dating a wanna-be rocker with a confederate flag tattoo [click here if you missed that].

Welp, Paris and the rocker have moved into the old Jackson family compound in Encino...

From Page Six
We’re told 18-year-old Jackson and Michael Snoddy — who was a pizza delivery guy when she started dating him six months ago — have moved into the LA mansion where her father, Michael Jackson, recorded songs including “Billie Jean” and “Beat It.”
Insiders say the smitten couple has adopted a dog, Koa, and their friends even believe the pair have gotten married in secret.
While it’s clear from his Instagram account that Snoddy has been wearing a gold band on his ring finger for the past several weeks, the nuptials have not been confirmed.
“Michael [Snoddy] quit his job around July and they moved into the house where Michael [Jackson] grew up,” said a source close to Paris. “Now they’re trying to do this happy family thing. They refer to themselves as a family a lot.”
The Encino, Calif., home was purchased by Paris’ grandfather, Joe Jackson, at the height of the Jackson Five’s success and has been inhabited at one point or another by all the members of the famous Jackson family.
Paris — who reportedly gets an $8-million-a-year allowance from the estate — had been living with her grandmother and her brothers, Michael Jr. and Prince Michael (a.k.a. Blanket), in a seven-bedroom mansion in Calabasas, Calif., which Katherine had bought for them in 2011.


prissa o said...

She looks like a reptile in that pic.

MJ what the hell you done did???!!

No!!!!!! said...

I think it's ignorant AF when black people comment on the shades of MJ kids as if allllll of us don't have mixed or even light skinned blacks in our family that could pass. Anyone ever seen the movie Queen by alex Haley?? I dated this really light chick with a mixed and lightskinned black parenT. Black people always acted funny style and asked if she was white. She told me white people could ALWAYS tell she wasn't white lol.

Anonymous said...

I hope them cracka's spend all that clown's money! Mike was a big dummy

Anonymous said...

@11:34pm them kids ain't mixed they white period ! Ain't none of mike's blood in them kids and that's the way he wanted it.

Anonymous said...

11:53....the jury is still out on Blanket. ijs

Anonymous said...

I blame Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson for this atrocity

he could have strategized to keep that money within the black race, by adopting black children....hell he coulda just procreated with a black woman, but Nooooooooooo, these black men have a remote control sensor in their brains, that the white man controls to steer them in every wrong direction, just to keep the black race divided & destroyed, all while making these Dumb black men to uplift & Help & show sooooo much 'empathy' to the very Devils that HATE THEIR BLACK GUTS!!

and believe it or not, this little cave demon along with her ugly brother prince HATE Michael Jackson's ass, and HATES Michael Jackson's family

the proof is in the pudding, Just Look at the man she decided to bring to the Jackson's house. It don't matter that a black man raised her ugly ass, IT'S ALWAYS IN WHITE PEOPLE'S DNA TO STICK TOGETHER WITH THEIR OWN KIND.


Anonymous said...

Money right back in the hands of whites! We will never get right.

Anonymous said...

African Americans are so damn delusional when it comes to their "heroes". MJ was a fucking sellout to the core and black folks need to accept that. MJ liked Black people's money and support but he HATED BEING BLACK. All the little Black babies in the word to adopt--fuck that--HIS OWN BLACK GENES weren't good enough! He was born a cute black boy and died a frightening white creature!

Shame on MJ! Now he is passing his hard earned wealth to some white trash!

Anonymous said...

in the world to adopt* ^^^^^

Ron said...

A disgrace and any black person that says otherwise needs their head examined!!!!

Anonymous said...

These kids were another product of MJ's God complex. Of course this girl is confused in the head look who raised her!

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