Monday, September 05, 2016

Tamar Braxton Defends Her Marriage

Last month cracks in Tamar Braxton and husband Vincent Herbert's marriage began to show after news leaked that Vince attacked Tamar at an Atlanta area hotel and police had to be called [click here if you missed that].

Tamar has words for anyone questioning her relationship with Vince...

A video posted by Tamar HQ (@tamarhq) on


Anonymous said...

...whatever ppl may THINK, Ms. Tamar SET IT STR8 with this COMMENT...ijs

Anonymous said...

vince didn't attack tamar. tamar had her fucking finger all in his face and he bit that shit. she gonna learn to keep her hands out people face

prissa o said...

He is gross. Can't Tamar do better???

Anonymous said...


Yes. But all she saw was dollar signs and a potential upstart to her career. I gotta give it to her; she is super talented, has great work ethic and a solid fanbase full of fakkits and idiots but she wants to be Toni Braxton so bad.

I remember on Season 5, when she was talking about her Broadway show plans (WTF?) and she mentioned how Jermaine Jackson was actually a star before MJ???? I think she was throwing subtle shade at her sister, saying that she was the real star before Toni got big (which is untrue).

Tamar is petty and immature. She really and truly is so obsessed with be a superstar and being in the limelight. She wants to be Beyonce so bad (and only idiots and teen stars want to be Beyonce because no legends like Toni, Mariah, Aretha, etc. EVER wants to mimick Bey) and she probably believes she should have been the superstar and not Toni.

This woman is exhausting.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Lmao I remember that. Remember she also said to her sisters that Toni did not pave the way for the Braxton's Family to be famous. They looked at her crazy as fuck. She told Toni she got herself famous. Toni should've punched her dead in her face.

Allihave2say said...

Hmmph! Tamar we are done and over it. I tried to ride with you after the firing but throwing Tamera under the bus was it for me. She was the only one ever in a photo next to you.

The Braxtons are a weird bunch. What's the name of the cult hey were raised in? Was it Children of God, cult?

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