Saturday, September 17, 2016

The REAL Reason YaYa DaCosta Is Denying Her Marriage?

Earlier this week YaYa DaCosta fans were left confused after she denied her highly publicized marriage ever took place [click here if you missed that].

Is YaYa trying to pull a stunt on her ex husband..?

Insiders tell Bossip,
“Because they are in a custody battle, she is trying to portray Joshua as some flakey boyfriend that just got her pregnant. YaYa and Joshua were married and had a beautiful ceremony.”
“YaYa also legally changed her name to Alafia for the two years they were married.”


Smithy Love said...

The PR people sit in a room reading the comment section of a blog and that's how they create stories.

Anonymous said...

That still doesn't make sense. I'm sure the custody judge could find out if she was legally married or not. Speaking of legally. Was this a legal union or something ceremonial like Kimora and Dijimon (sp) did? Possibly the latter and now she no longer wants to acknowledge it.

The King Of The Real said...

There is paperwork or there is not paperwork and a judge is going to ask her to explain it all anyway. You cant just change your name and all that without paperwork so trying to get the public involved is pointless. The judge dont care about any of that. If anything it makes her look more crazy

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