Sunday, October 02, 2016

Dave Chappelle Calls Donald Trump White Malcolm X

Dave Chappelle refers to Donald Trump as white Malcolm X at the Roots Picnic...

Yesterday, in between sets from the Wu-Tang Clan, David Byrne, Nile Rodgers, Kevin Gates, KRS-One, Jeremih, Deerhoof, EPMD, Swizz Beatz and others Dave Chappell told the crowd at Bryant Park,
“I hope everybody votes. I know it’s a tough decision. Hillary Clinton vs. white Malcolm X.
"That crazy character, motherf**ker, is gonna kill us all. And lower my taxes."
"I got a tough decision ahead of me. Do I go with my new white life or my old black one?”

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Anonymous said...

Wtf is he talking about? US Presidents are selected NOT elected, so don't worry your pretty little head Dave, this shit was decided a long time ago, and your vote doesn't mean shit

Anonymous said...

No idea what he is talking about but he looks just like MC Hammer in that picture.

Chrissy Snow said...

I thought he looked like K-Ci from Jodeci.

Anonymous said...

This election season's climate is causing some people to lose their minds. First of all, if this is true, he is sleep and needs to wake up in more ways than one. There will be more than 2 names on ballots in most states. Please do your research and look at a sample ballot and lookup the platforms for all candidates prior to going to the polls. I don't know what this nigger is talking about and he probably doesn't either. Some folks will get in front of somebody with a damn microphone or camera or recorder or note pad and say or do anything. He is an entertainer and not to be taken seriously. He is about as bad as the rest of the celebrity boot-looking coons out there...too many to name. I don't have enough time to go into his Malcolm X comparison, so I'll let that B.S. ride for now, but he could do himself a favor and go listen to some Malcolm X speeches, because he sounds like he probably hasn't. Trump is a clown, not a revolutionary.

JuicyGotchaCrazy said...

More like Hitler. Hillary Clinton will win but not by much, I predict a recount. A local black paper I read the other day actually encouraged black people not to vote in the general to force politicians to see our power and actually do something for our votes. Sounds good but ain't gonna work!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 12:31 PM, Ooh yeah!

prissa o said...

Totally agree @11:48

I don't even understand the comparison. And he talking about his new "white life" or his old black one. Sir - you only have 1 life and you are a black man. Point blank, period. Idgaf how much money you have, you are and will always be a n!gg3r to THEM! When will black entertainers LEARN THIS??

And when he gets cast out to the wolves by those demons- who will he expect to have his back? That's right - BLACK PEOPLE.

I thought Dave was different but I see with his new resurgence he's like all the other foolish coons. Very sad!

Anonymous said...

Dave seems like he's on one.

Anonymous said...

It was satire; Plus, to poor whites Trump is their "Malcolm X" if you think about his rhetoric. Chapelle is correct and hilarious on this one

Anonymous said...

Malcolm was a black nationalist, Trump is a white nationalist. However one is an idiot and the other one was brilliant.

Allihave2say said...

This morning I accidentally found da website call While I wasn't surprised by the imagery or the the things I read I was enlightened. It seems that most are the racists rants and comments are based in jealousy, low self esteem, envy, fear of the power and achievements of blacks and son on.

One of the forum topics was niggas who don't know their place to include Oprah, Al Roker and "any nigga who gets in front of a microphone". Has anyone else ever wondered the root of racism? If we are nothing more than intellectual monkeys then what do they fear?

Just seems like they have accomplished as much as so many and are afraid that we will achieve more than them...

Anonymous said...


I'm glad your cave demon ass posted this comment, because the more your kind post, the more the Coons of my people WILL NOT HAVE AN EXCUSE to keep kissing your kind's asses... they can FINALLY wake the Hell Up and understand that your kind (CaveDemons ) will NEVER love the Coons...NEVER!


The King Of The Real said...

Why do white racist come to this site. The shit is corny. Far as Dave I thought it was hilarious and if you cant take a joke or dont like it then fine dont. I think Colin Kaepernick really said it better tho. Google that ya weak minded peeps. I also wonder why he dont get posted, I mean let's face it he is the most talked about sports entertainer ever.

WiserWords2 said...

Anonymous said...
You will never achieve more than them. White people are more civilized. You guys are what comes in between an ape and a human. You are human apes.
6:01 PM

History proves you wrong. Whites are the only group that committed genocide, rape, brutality, destruction and exploitation on every single continent. That doesn't sound very civilized to me.

But if prefer examples of uncivilized whites in present day America, visit West Virginia, Kentucky or anywhere along the Appalachian trail. Make sure you stop in to visit your Mountain Dew drinking, incestuous, drug-addicted, uneducated cousins.

Anonymous said...

It was satire; Plus, to poor whites Trump is their "Malcolm X" if you think about his rhetoric. Chapelle is correct and hilarious on this one
1:26 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only that caught this. You can tell the hyperemotional ass negroes on this site don't contemplate the intellectual sophistication of Dave Chappelle's jokes. Same ones probably called Aaron McGruder all kinds of coon and sambo for his satirical genius on Adult Swim.

Anonymous said...

Trump is poor whites great hope. Like some black folks thought Obama was going to take blacks to the promise land.

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks,

With respect for all opionions expressed above...Here is mine Below

There is NOT going to be an election this year.
Not a real one anyway, only a formality.

Obama is going to get a 3rd Term and he has already been SELECTED for the job.

All of this Trump & Hillary rhetoric is all smoke and mirrors.

Watch & See

This is NOT a Democracy.

Anonymous said...

hard to compare a man who fought for the love and unity of people with a divisive con artist and lier...reaching to high heaven with this wack azz comparison.

Anonymous said...

Snitch, y'all STAY deleting my comments BUT then mysteriously they show up later Re- worded of course. Its ridiculous.

As i stated before There will not be an election.

Obama is going to get a 3rd Term.

Anonymous said...

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