Saturday, October 01, 2016

Empire Ratings Reach a New Low

While Empire still reigns supreme as the highest rated show on Wednesday nights its audience continues to dwindle...

The first season of Empire broke ratings records but has since struggled to retain its former glory

Last Wednesday only 9.6 million viewers tuned in down 12% from the 3rd season premier last week.


Anonymous said...

Really the media will do anything to keep this show from having glory 9.6 million is still a lot of viewers for this type of show.

Anonymous said...

9.6M is a lot, but on network tv it's nothing to boast about. Cable tv HELL YEAH, but regular tv, nope.

The show is so corny and horrible.

Anonymous said...

I guess it wouldn't have nothing to do with rising food, clothing, home prices and spending more time seeking well-paying employment

Unknown said...

all of its storylines are unrealistic.. there are so many instances where certain topics could of been drawn out... then... BOOM - in 1.2 seconds... mystery solved!!!!!
now a show like Power will always be sought out as real tv in my opinion. Mystery and suspense in almost every episode

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