Friday, October 28, 2016

Ice Cube Producing Oliver Twist Reboot

Ice Cube set to produce and star in a re-imagination of the Charles Dickens classic "Oliver Twist..."

According to reports Ice Cube and "Hamilton" director Thomas Kail are developing a contemporary version of Oliver Twist starring Ice Cube as 'Fagin' the elderly leader of a gang of underage pickpockets.

The musical will be set in present-day America.


Indi_flo said...

**grinnin like a cheshire cat*** they gonna be maaaaaad hahaha .. Go Cube

Anonymous said...

Good grief, everything does not need to be re imagined in hip hop fashion as if it just started. That ish is tired. Don't get the hamilton hype or this.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could introduce the new Ice Cube to the old Ice Cube, so old Cube could make a diss record about him. I wasted so much time listening to these dudes and believing them when I was a kid.

"Be True To the Game" huh?

Anonymous said...

lord save us from this travesty

Anonymous said...

Lawd jeezus! He's going to nigga-fy Oliver Twist! He must not have seen that hot mess niggafication of Annie.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Congrats Cube.

Anonymous said...

@10:07 It sounds like you were young and stupid (like most of us), and then grew up to be a responsible adult.

It would behoove you to offer O'Shea props for the same degree of mental amelioration. It's possible that 'new' Ice Cube sees 'old' Ice Cube as immature and foolish and being 'True To the Game' might mean something else to him.

Anonymous said...


It seems that like most of our people; you may be confusing success with progress. Old Cube challenged the status quo and it's representation of what a black man should/could be. New Cube seems to reinforce many of the same stereotypes and formulaic delineations of Hollywood. My immaturity was believing he was who he said he was and thinking that WE were who I thought we were. Looking at the rampant complacency that permeates our culture, I now know I was wrong.

I can't enjoy watching yet another black man playing a thief to a hip hop beat.

No props.


Anonymous said...

Why should success and progress be mutually exclusive? Shouldn't success (or failure for that matter) be a determinant of progression? I guess we'll have to agree to disagree because personally I found hardly anything in O'Shea's past music/recording history that highlighted challenging the "status quo" rendering positive militant rebellion (ie, forming your own neighborhood police/squads, urban farming in black neighborhoods, buying from black business owners). What he does now may not be palatable to many of his fans because he did make a 180 on the gangster culture he represented (aka the ignorance and immaturity) and had taken on a more [what I imagine you and others suspect is an Anglo-dictated] family-oriented image (what many see as maturity). But I understand your perspective in the sense that he is no longer what he used to represent and it's disappointing.

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