Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jackie Christie Accuses Estranged Daughter of Blackmail

Back in 2011 Basketball Wives star Jackie Christie's oldest daughter Takari Lee exposed her mother's cruel nature by revealing how badly Jackie treated her own mother right before she died from cancer [click here if you missed that].

Now Jackie is accusing her daughter of blackmail after fans blast Jackie of ignoring Takari in her darkest hour...

Last month a GoFundMe Account was started for Takari seeking donations after her son was horribly burned at his daycare center.

After social media got hold of the story Jackie accused her daughter of blackmail and slander.

Fun Fact: Jackie's younger daughter Chantel admitted Jackie always treated her better than her sister because Takari was dark skin and overweight [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Jackie is a demonic idiot!

Anonymous said...

Jackie is crazy as catsh*t; Please cancel that horrible show!

Anonymous said...

Them etch a sketch eyebrows. Be glad when that look is over!

Anonymous said...

Jackie will not humble herself. Shaunie is really a true PIMP. By exposing how crazy Jackie really is and how Tammy was remanufacter from torn up to just fucked up. SMH.

Anonymous said...

Jackie old ass running around worrying about the wrong things..Looking hell-a crazy on tv & got a grandchild that was severely burned...That child ain't got shyt to do w whatever's going on w mom& daughter. #ridiculousbitch

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the daughter have insurance for her child? Even if she can't afford insurance, why doesn't she have Obamacare? The daughter shouldn't have had a child if she knows she couldn't take care of it. She needs to go find a job.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how the child got severely burned at the daycare center. Maybe she needs to sue them.

Your Highness said...

@4:34 I read that the baby pulled the cord to the bottle warmer and the fluid spilled on him.. Poor honey..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Your Highness. I guess maybe they need to do a little more baby proofing. That's terrible, I think I would have gone off if I got a call like this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The FBI ain't getting into this dumb shit. Jackie you're delusional as usual.

Anonymous said...

4:06pm, The mother already have a job and she wasnt the 1 who set up the go fund me page
The girls friend did
More then likely the daycare will later have to compensate the mother and child

But the mother had to take off from the job to see about her baby in icu
She had no more time to cover off days, thats why the 3ks were asked for

Matt Barnes out of the kindness of his conscious and heart gave the daughter 3k for the babY
Phuck Jackie !!!!!!!!!!
What is wrong with people now in days not giving a phuck about a baby?
And to going on social media publicly
(like Jackie and @4:06pm), and boasting and feeling proud about going against a baby?
Smmfh!!!!!! These are truly the last days

Cus folks like Jackie and @4:06 think diobolically

too real said...

Jackie go to AA. If Doug really loved you he would insist on it but he likes you drunk so that he can do what he does.

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