Friday, October 07, 2016

Jay Z Headed out on His Own Lemonade Tour?

This week Beyonce completed the Formation World Tour in support of the ground breaking Lemonade album that laid bare the problems in her marriage to Jay Z.

Is Jay Z's answer tour coming up next..?

According to reports a high-end ticket broker has already begun emailing top clients with VERY detailed information concerning tickets for Jay Z's upcoming tour.

Reps for Jay Z have already denied the rumors but time will certainly tell.


Anonymous said...

He needs the money, badly, according to the blind items.

Sunni Daze said...

We should probably at least get an album first.

Anonymous said...

@8:36 am - A Lurker laid out for us, he needs the money more than badly. He's allegedly venturing into "American Greed" territory.

"April 18, 2016

This major streaming service is falsely reporting sales to make themselves look better to investors and future customers. The numbers they provide are not even close to reality. Hopefully they don’t lie to their own artists too.


Anonymous said...

Jay-Z tours more than the late Ike Turner. Damn, I thought he was "rich?"

And shot out to Lurker: Don't put yourself at risk spilling tea for us, but we always appreciate it when you do...

Anonymous said...

@Sunni Daze

No time, he needs money quickly and a tour is the quickest way to get it.

Chrissy Snow said...

Money problems was the first thing that came to mind when that Lemonade messiness dropped.
When a once uber private A list singer decides to spill tea on her cheating once private A list "mogul" of a husband and the husband doesn't say anything?
Yah that stunt reeked of a desperate need for money and attention on some Kardashian type levels.
It worked too.
I can't wait to see what stunt they pull next to top their rivals. Where are Lurker and that other poster from last week spilling tea?

Anonymous said...


Good point about Lemonade. I remember when they used to avoid mentioning each other in interviews for privacy sake. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Y'all gone learn one day to stopsupporting these broke indebted all they care about is being better and fresher than you uneducated amoral lying theiving fake puppet pawns

Ugh, they and those that support them are disgusting

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ive been saying this since the elevator situation, bad and inconsistent "leaked" stories have been surrounding them because they need the money and their controllers are won't let up until they get theirs.

There was a story about them heading to Dubai during her first secret album

Anonymous said...

Th British pound dropped suddenly, and besides that everyone I know is saving for the holidays or a rainy day. I know no one who is supporting the Carters or any "artist" right now.

I'd rather pay myself the cost of a concert ticket.

Anonymous said...

A LOVE song from Live Nation to Jay

B---h better have my money!
You should know me well enough
B--- better have my money!
Please don't call me on my bluff
Pay me what you owe me
B---h, give me your money
Who you think you frontin' on?

Anonymous said...

I thought people said that they were doing a joint album and tour together!

Anonymous said...

He's frontin on the black community, well the dumb ones who only need Forbes to run a headline

Meanwhile there is no proof of this wealth outside of headlines from his handlers

Some black people are dumb AF worshipping this pawn (all of them)

Worship is only for the Creator, period.these deranged narcissist pawns git mofos worshipping them and thanks smh

Chrissy Snow said...

Same here. I found them far more interesting when they were private.

Anonymous said...

I pray that this gorgeous interracial couple can wade the waters and endure the trials and tribulations of their loving (yet contrived and arranged) marriage through therapeutic (but meaningless) music and (exhaustive) touring.

HoodRat said...

The song Rihanna made "bytch better have my $" was indeed dedicated to jayZ. First the Louis 13 line tells u right away. Jayz was a spokesman for Louis 13 alcohol for a little while. Rub said it was "on her"
Beyoncé tried to knock rih off the top, failed too. #kamikaze
Wife in foreign car: when jayz and bey LIED and said they were looking to buy property in LA, they borrowed Rihanna's old vintage Porsche which is foreign
Rih said she calls the shots... she was the only money maker on roc nation
"In the drop top doing 100/rear view mirror/where y'all at: she was talkin about how she left their old asses in the dust
Pay me what u owe me: her contract with roc nation was lucrative, she didn't get her money as scheduled
The song was for the craters.

Anonymous said...

You mean the pawnters
Fake frontin fools

Anonymous said...

Yeah ho azz jay everyone isn't dumb
You are a broke fool who belongs to live Nation

I m straight in my house that I own it must suck to own nothing, all thise hotel rooms, condo,, yachts you get to ride but its not yours, you sold out the entire black community, sold murder andayhem to stay in someone else's place

Broke dumb fool

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