Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michel'le Defies Dr. Dre

Earlier this week Dr. Dre issued a cease and desist letter to Sony Pictures threatening to sue if R&B singer Michel'le's upcoming Lifetime biopic, 'Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel'le' portrayed him as a woman beater [click here if you missed that].

Michel'le is not backing down...

Michel'le tells TMZ
“I allowed him to portray himself in his story the way he wanted to portray himself and he allowed me the opportunity to portray myself in my story.”
“And I think my truth will stand…when we get to court, if we do.”
Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel'le premiers Saturday Oct. 15 at 8pm on Lifetime.


The King Of The Real said...

her yall go

Anonymous said...

Funny how the other NWA members are quiet and not suing. They know that nigga beat women. Same with that nigga Mack 10 who use to beat on T Boz. Same for Teach from Naughty by Nature that use to beat on Pepa.

Anonymous said...

Wow spill that tea 715. I have heard similar rumors as well except by Mack 10 but that wouldn't surprise me.

Fee Lewis said...

Right on point, 7:15. Dre beat the mess out of a girl name D Barnes back in the day because he didnt like the interview question she asked him. They can all say. "oh, I was younger and less mature back then but that still doesnt dimiss the fact that it happen.

Anonymous said...

Good for you girl don't back down...these negroes gotta learn the hard way. Beats by Dre have a whole new meaning now.

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