Thursday, October 06, 2016

Paisley Park Museum Opening Hits a Snag

The opening of Paisley Park Studios hits a snag as the town decides whether or not they want to become a tourist destination...

According to reports the opening of Paisley Park Studios has been put on hold while the Chanhassen City Council consider resident concerns over the estimated 600k Prince fans expected to invade their small town of 24k each year.

The zoning board has issued a temporary injunction on the grand opening but will allow fans who already purchased tickets to be allowed inside during a set 3 day period in Oct.

Fans unable to make it are being offered refunds or admission to an upcoming Prince exhibit at the Mall of America.


Anonymous said...

Welp! Should've thought about that before opening it!

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous; All they have to do is a projection of the revenue they'll receive from tourism for the museum.

Damn it, just call Memphis and ask them how they handled the opening of Graceland! (And that was damn near 40 years ago without the benefit of computers, etc.)

This sounds small town and dumb. I bet someone on the council thought they'd be able to wet their beak and get a little taste of the museum money and are now holding it up because they didn't get any and they're swoll.

Anonymous said...

I've been to his house this summer and there aint shit going on but a Target down the street. They need to get over it and recognize how they'll benefit.

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