Thursday, October 13, 2016

Romeo Miller Downplays Angela Simmons Attachment

On the WeTv reality show 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Master P's son Romeo Miller is portrayed as seriously crushed over Angela Simmons recent engagement.

In real life Romeo distances himself from the narrative...

Romeo Miller tells Hip Hollywood,
“WeTV got some great editing skills over there. Man, I’m watching the show like man, I said that? … Maybe I was the one that got away.”
Growing Up Hip Hop airs on WeTv Thursday nights at 9.


Anonymous said...

he wasnt in love with her, he just didnt want nobody else in the picture...this is how selfish black dudes are....wanna string women along with their BS for as long as they can.

The King Of The Real said...

its ok romeo, u played yourself, let it go; dont bow wow yourself

Anonymous said...

@10:24Am True! He played her and she ran out and fucked the first thug ass nigga and got pregnant ASAP and engage. That nigga know he mad.

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