Saturday, October 15, 2016

Steve Harvey Hosting Showtime at the Apollo

Comedian Steve Harvey tapped to host a revival of the talent show classic Showtime at the Apollo...

According to reports Steve Harvey is set to host two Showtime at the Apollo specials in the coming weeks on Fox.

The first two-hour special airs Dec. 5 at 8 pm and a one hour special follows early 2017.


Anonymous said...

Aren't talent shows played out at this point?

Anonymous said...

Damn, Steve ain't turning down nothing...Get money

Anonymous said...

To feed his greedy, leeching wife and step kids.

Anonymous said...

IO am so sick and tired of this son bitch. He had his ex wife put in jail for 30 days and his show sucks. Hollywood loves ugly monkey illiterate degenerative house niggas that's why steve harvey, kevin hart, nick cannon, and tyler perry keep jobs. Fuck steve and his stanken wife.

Anonymous said...

@1:42-Exactly, dude is going to work himself to death trying to support that wife's lifestyle!!! Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

4:43 damn it! tell us how you really feel.

but on the real, Corporate America needs to take lessons from his wife...she is the most inspirational pimpstress i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have Mo'Nique host it instead. Sooo over Steve ignant ass. I didn't even understand him being named as one of the kings of comedy back in the day.

Anonymous said...

These are some original funny black men who need jobs

Martin Lawrence
DL Hugley
Eddie Griffin
Cedric The Entertainer
Mark Curry
Dave Chappell
Aries Spears
Guy Torry
Joe Torry

Did i miss anyone. Steve ain't the only black comedian out there.

mephime2016 said...

He hosted before...why is this news? And I'm in agreement with everyone else; there are other black comedians...I want Charlie Murphy!

The King Of The Real said...

^^^That be a great show

Anonymous said...

WHY?!?!????!!!!!!!! Am i going to have to stare at his horse teeth now every time turn on the damn T.V.???!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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