Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Artist Breaks Up Mary J. Blige's Marriage?

For YEARS there have been rumors that Mary J. Blige's estranged husband / manager, Kendu Isaacs, had been creeping with their artist Starshell [click here if you missed that].

Did Starshell finally come between Mary J and Kendu once and for all..?

Sure sounds like it.

A source tells The Shade Room
"I was with my friend in NY who works on the crew for the Maxwell and Mary J Blige concert and while I was backstage I over heard so much tea about the real reason why Mary and her estranged husband Kendu are getting a divorce..."
"[Turns out] he was having a full out affair for the last 7 years with their “artist” Starshell."
"...I also heard that Mary dropped her from the label years ago but he kept her around.. He moved her to LA when they moved to LA. Apparently at one point she was Mary’s friend but she cut her off and Starshell continued to have a relationship with Kendu so she could become famous."


Anonymous said...

Never even heard of this chick

Hope Mary has receipts or else kendu might clean up

Anonymous said...

Starshell was Mary's artist back in early 2010s she signed her because she was going through so much debt and used her to appeal to the younger fans. She didn't blowing big as she should.

Kendu did have a history sleeping and rapng other young females.

But Mary knew about the affair and decided to blame just the girl and not the husband


Anonymous said...

*Didnt blow up big as she should have

Cream794 said...

WTF is a Starshell? Is that her Gov. name?

Laa soul said...

For the life of me, I just can't understand why Mary don't have a fashion line, hair line , shoe line, etc. at this point. She's been in the game too long to be owing back taxes. Hell how many examples does she need to see how artists can get caught up.

As for Kendu being her manager, well let's just say I'm not impressed because she was already known well before he came on board. The only thing I think she credits him with is encouraging her to get off drugs. Now I hear this negro wants spousal support because he has grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle yada yada yada. He was her manager got paid and that should be it. Nothing more nothing less because supposedly there is a pre-nup.

Looking back now, I see Kendu saw Mary as being vulnerable and took advantage of her knowing she was going to be his cash cow. He needs to get a JOB!

They Call Me Cocoa said...

@Laa soul -- wasn't she supposed to have a sunglass line? That would have been a huge success for her.

Chrissy Snow said...

Yep she does have a sunglass line. I think she also sells some other stuff on HSN.

Laa soul said...

@ They Call Me Cocoa, I'm not sure, but if she does, there goes my point. Whose promoting it? I mean damn say what you want about Nene, at least she's on HSN with her line. I know Cynthia of RHOA has an eyeglass line. I just think historically, Mary had the wrong people behind her to help promote her, but then again, one of the reasons for it was because she was the one getting in her own way too. I just hope she takes control and come out on top.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above posters. Her hair/wigs are always bomb. I've only seen her wear maybe 2 bad outfits. She's always stylish and very well put together from day one til now. She wears everything well. There should have been a side hustle. But I disagree on a female breaking up a happy home. The man that lived in that home had to invite her in so he broke that bond, not the visitor.

commonlaw said...

the man broke the bond, but the visitor KNEW he was married and violated, as she entered the marriage.

Adultery is not only on the married one...

voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse.

So, the person having sex with the married person is, too, guilty of adultery.

Anonymous said...

She should get her own boots line. Nobody wears boots like MJB

Anonymous said...

Didn't she give marriage advice a while back that she doesn't have male friends and he doesn't have female friends and that's how their marriage works well?.....AND YET HE STILL CHEATED... Smh poor lil tink tink

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