Monday, November 28, 2016

Drake Bails on $200k Club Gig in the UAE

Is Drake about to cause an international incident after bailing on a $200k club appearance in the capital of the United Arab Emirates ...?

Sources tells The Mirror
"[Drake's] management had an argument with the management of Abu Dhabi pop-up nightclub VIP ROOM last night and he didn't turn up for an appearance that he'd been paid £200k for."
"Fans waited until 5am for him and he never showed up."
"DJ Bliss, the most famous DJ in the Middle East, had to play all night as Drake was a no show."
"Drake is due to perform at the club again tonight, but it's not unknown if he will turn up."
Meanwhile management for VIP Room deny the reports claiming to club was 'too crowded' for Drake to perform last night but insist he will be performing tonight.


Anonymous said...

CDAN said he overdosed and couldn't perform.

Anonymous said...

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two entirely different cities.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Is crystal lite mean mugging in this pic?

Yass giving us thug realness

Anonymous said...

This Hebrew wanna be thug better watch it, those Arabs will lock him down. Those Arabs will fuck him. It'll be $200K and 19 months in jail until his Jewish lawyer (AKA his 3rd cousin removed) gets out of that country

Anonymous said...

1:30 better tell it! I worked for a media company based in the UAE and it's not the money when it comes to things like this. It's fact that he broke a promise/didn't keep his word. If he's lucky he can reschedule and pose for pictures with the sons of the local bigwigs. If he doesn't they can/will blackball him and he'll never work in the Middle East again. (Remember that all the rich people are cousins/family in some way if they're not Sunni.)

And this is the one instance where a Jewish lawyer is a detriment. If I were him I wouldn't remind them I was half Jewish. The deep hatred is real there re: it was found that the wives of one of our vendors in Copenhagen was Jewish and my company cancelled the contract overnight. They kept asking me about Oprah, but that's another story for another time.

Chrissy Snow said...


This guy has been feeling himself a little too much lately. Does he really think he's a rapper?

Anonymous said...

He acting like those arabs wont have his ass boxed up somewhere

Robert Frost said...

Kim K. & Kanye : Flames:

Anonymous said...

Probably tried to kill himself because of his Cdn criminal charges and pending lawsuit for stalking. He is being bankrupted.

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