Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kanye West Conspiracy Theories Gain Steam

Earlier this week Kanye West raised eyebrows after suffering a nervous break-down just one day after canceling the North American leg of the Saint Pablo Tour [click here if you missed that].

Now more troubling clues have emerged...

Registered nurse and industry insider Sandra Rose points out,
The doctor who placed musician Kanye West on a 5150 psychiatric hold is not a psychiatrist, he’s a concierge doctor who makes house calls.
According to, Dr. Michael Farzam is a hotel/concierge doctor who visits homes or hotel rooms throughout the greater Los Angeles area.
On Monday, Dr. Farzam called 911 saying West was experiencing “temporary psychosis” due to “sleep deprivation” and “dehydration”.
But how could a non-psychiatrist make a mental health diagnosis such as “temporary” psychosis? How would a concierge doctor know if West’s psychosis was temporary or ongoing?
Why didn’t West’s own physician make the call?
According to California law, a person can be placed on 72-hour 5150 hold if he is danger to himself or others due to a mental illness.
This latest news only adds to the speculation that West faked a mental breakdown to collect $30 million on his tour insurance.


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Anonymous said...

Him and Jay (and bey) will be otouring soon.
No news here, typical industry antics to generate interest in their pawns so they can send them back out taking money and spewing poison

Anonymous said...

I know he lost his mother awhile back, which I'm sure is a hard thing...not to mention he's an only child. But I was wondering does he have any other close family members to support him and help him stay on the right path? All I ever hear about is that wild Kardashian family that he just HAD to marry into.

I think he's going to need someone from his family to lean on now that his career is possibly over and his marriage will become (if not already) "questionable", once the money train completely stops. I can see Kim and her mother trying to take is ass to the bank...Can you imagine the amount of the CS checks she's going to receive??? And the Carter's totally ruining him.

If there's ever a time for Kanye to pray, humble himself and turn to the Universal God...It's now.

Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't collect. I called fuckery when it happened.

Anonymous said...

Telling 911 you're observing a mental breakdown is not the same thing as a diagnosis. YOu have to tell them something so they know what to expect. REACHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

12:38...stfu. Kanye is the more of a drama queen than all the black entertainers put together. He rides solo...haven't you seen with your own two eyes? He is closet homo who enjoys them queens in the fashion industry and his wife is a beard he used to procreate with. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Hey better than faking a pregnancy!

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