Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Divorce is Final

Months ago there were rumors Nick Cannon was purposely holding up his divorce from Mariah Carey by refusing to sign the papers [click here if you missed that].

Welp, the papers are signed and now Mariah Carey is free to marry her  billionaire businessman fiancĂ© James Packer.

Oh wait...

According to reports Mariah Carey's divorce from Nick Cannon became final right before that fateful trip to Greece that ended with her broken engagement [click here if you missed that].

Mariah and Nick will share joint physical custody of the twins and neither will receive child support.

And, as per their prenuptial agreement, Mariah keeps all the money she made during the marriage.


Musicman1978 said...

Thats how it works he did not want all that responsibility and with her baggage he dam sure was not planning to stay he been off to next like months ago she didnt get the memmo

The King Of The Real said...

congrats to both. Hope they heal before they next stages.

Anonymous said...

No billionaire was going to put up with that Hello Kitty BS. I can see Nick coming in to save the day in a few years when Mariah takes to her bed with champagne and quaaludes. I really wish she'd deal with the hurt and pain she's in because things are starting to get weird. (Like someone said on another thread, she's got that weird "Selena" manager around her and is starting to perform half-heartedly like Elvis toward the end of his life...I couldn't take it if anything happened to her.)

Anonymous said...

I see Snitch deleted my comment about how Mariah is headed down the "Elvis" path of being surrounded with yes people and dealing with her demons through alcohol. If we as fans care what happens to one of our favorite artists, why can't we talk openly about it?

Califeats said...

Mariah has to accept that we ain't in the 90s anymore .. everyone has their YOUTH and TIME.

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