Thursday, November 10, 2016

MempHitz K. Michelle Appeal Denied

Back in September Mickey 'MempHitz' Wright bragged he would bankrupt K. Michelle on appeal after losing his first defamation of character lawsuit against her after she implied he abused and robbed her while appearing on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta [click here if you missed that].

Welp, that's not going to happen...

According to The AJC The Georgia Court of Appeals just denied Memphitz' appeal.

MempHitz was suing K. Michelle, VH1 and the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta producers.


Anonymous said...

(snitch, move the "on" after "appearing" in your post)

and as for this punk bitch here... dis nigga face look like the illuminati; all seeing eye, pyramid goatee, all that shit!

and now that you've sued VH1 and lost twice u fucking loser, you'll never be able to be on there u big dummy. it's over! yo ass better learn how to bake christmas cupcakes or something and take your ass down to the food network and compete for cash prizes cause whatever lil music career u had has a fork in it! she's done!

Anonymous said...

^^ haha!!

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