Thursday, November 24, 2016

Prince Harry Battling Royals Over Meghan Markel Romance?

Palace insiders are claiming Prince Harry's step-mother, Camilla Parker-Bowles, is dead set against his romance with actress Meghan Markel and is doing everything she can to end it...

From Radar Online 
“Harry’s made no secret of wanting to marry and have kids and he believes Meghan’s ‘The One.’ They have amazing chemistry and both are passionate humanitarians,” said a palace source.
But his father and future king, Prince Charles, has banned the relationship — and any future marriage — upon the urging of his snobby wife Camilla.
“Camilla doesn’t want another commoner — like Prince William‘s wife Kate — tainting the royal blood and trying to change the monarchy,” an insider told Radar.
But, unlike his henpecked dad, Harry’s no pushover for scheming Camilla.
“Harry’s a soldier,” says the source. “He’s going to fight to make sure he doesn’t lose Meghan! He’s headed for all-out war with the royals.”
This is shaping up to be one helluva made for TV movie.


Anonymous said...

The Royals do not want Americans or Canadians in the family.

This stems from the days of Wallace Simpson.

Anonymous said...

Well, if he's anything like his mama, he'll do what he wants to do. As he should.

Anonymous said...

Camilla is a homewrecker so can she talk about anyone else so negatively? She's not Harry's mom so she should butt out. That boy is going to choose his wife without opinions and they'll have to accept her. Love is where you find it, and if Harry wants Meghan and vice versa, let them be.

Anonymous said...

Nooo! Lol. Not the Mistress clownin and trying to keep the bloodline "pure".

This woman needs to run like hell and leave those weird Royal families alone.

Anonymous said...

Camilla's an old dog-faced whore. Charles cheated with her while Diana was still married to them. This wrinkled hag needs to shut up and stay her ugly ass away from any cameras or mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Their whole royal bloodline is fake..the real royal queen is black and from Louisiana...She currently lives in Southern California.

Lorna Richardson said...

Gossip cop is busting all the stories and think Prince Charles and Camilla are a big scam. Queen was tricked into going to Poundbury. Losers C team wanted to open a pub or Camilla but snubbed all the
siblings and family. Unfit pair for next king and queen

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