Monday, November 21, 2016

Rihanna's Oceans 8 Role Diminished?

Back in September there were predictions Rihanna wouldn't last long on the set of her new movie 'Oceans 8 [click here if you missed that].'

Have the predictions proven true..?

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
October 21, 2016
The workload is already being reduced for this A list singer turning actress. She says that she will only film after 2pm so that means almost one-third of her scenes had to be cut.
Rihanna (Ocean’s 8)


Anonymous said...

Um yeah, that's not gonna work.

You show up when they say show up, you come prepared and you never complain. Simple really.

debbie said...

Why was Rihanna allowed to call the shots in the first place? Talking about she will only film after 2pm. I would have recast her azz with a quickness. Most seasoned actors don't even do mess like this.

Anonymous said...

The producers probably felt the alternative would be worse. As in other famous singers who can't act. And plus she is Rhi

Anonymous said...

11:59 - but Rhianna can't act. Her role in Battleship could have been extinguished and no one would have missed her. Apologies but she simply can not act.

Anonymous said...


But why do they need a singer? They could've got any black actress.

Anonymous said...

@12:03 oh I never saw her in Battleship. I would check it though. No need to apologize. If she's going to show up after 2 pm she better bring conviction to her role.

Anonymous said...

@12:14 They want to draw in a a younger fan base to the see the movie I believe. Its really quantity instead of quality if you look at it

Anonymous said...

Do what you do, Rih. I'll be in the audience.

ThatBKChick said...

I think she was phucking Brad Pitt, who she always let it known that's her white dream bae! Angelina hatred Rihanna for this and it was probably cut down her role in the movie to avoid Brads pending and crazy ass divorce! I'm surprise no one is floating this hot tea!!#IJS

Anonymous said...


No one's floating that "tea" because it's irrelevant. The Pitts are divorcing, that Marion chick is supposedly pregnant with Brad's baby and Angelina doesn't have the power in Hollywood anymore to pull rank on Rihanna.

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