Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Tyga Pays Off Half of Jewelry Debt

Last month there were rumors Kris Jenner was planning to pay off rapper Tyga's pending lawsuits to prevent daughter Kylie Jenner from being deposed over her boyfriend's finances [click here if you missed that].

Guess what..?

Tyga just paid off a big chunk of the debt.

According to reports on Tuesday Tyga coughed up $100k of the $200k owed to Jason of Beverly Hills after blowing off a default judgment over unpaid jewelry for more than two years.

Coincidentally Kylie Jenner was scheduled to deposed next week.

Fun Fact: Last month during his deposition Tyga became ill claiming he felt faint, confused and couldn't remember anything forcing the proceedings to a halt. Tyga was also scheduled to be deposed again next week [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

correction: kylie pays off half of tyga's jewelry debt.

Anonymous said...

Kylie should've dressed up as an ATM for Halloween. That's All Tyga's Money anyway. Silly girl.

Anonymous said...

This boy wanna be rich and famous sooo bad that he has to get his girlfriend to pay his debts off, so sad. He must be eating the booty right b/c Kylie is sprung.

prissa o said...

Them lips are hot and poppin!! I know all the bois be asking "but what that mouth do???"

I'm not sure I've figured out the return on this investment, but trust and believe that payment didn't come free. Kylie only truly has a storyline/ became relevant because of the controversy with Tyga. She only got her "street cred" / down "black" girl persona because of him. And dare I say Chyna too because in the beginning the blogosphere talk was all about Kylie trying to "single white female" Chyna and how Chyna came for her a few times (I remember she posted Kylie bday of when she would turn 18 as a warning). So yes, Chyna and Tyga birthed Kylie's relevancy.

Also, little known fact but tyga owns a porn company which is probably a front for money laundering and prostitution.

But there is more to this because Tyga is such a useless scrub. They are gonna run this Rob, Kylie, Tyga, new baby angle into the ground- watch and see. Just know when they are done with him he will probably get worse than the Lamar Odom treatment.

It's coming Tyga - best believe that.

Allihave2say said...

Why doesn't he just return all the jewelry?

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