Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ashanti's Sister Engaged to 50 Cent Nemesis

Two years ago rapper 50 Cent and Queens hood-lebrity Windsor "Slow" Lubin CEO of SlowBucks, got into a very public battle after Slow's chain was snatched onstage at Summer Jam 2014 [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news, Slow asked Ashanti's little sister Shi Shi to marry him and she said yes...

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Anonymous said...

Ashanti I know is feeling sad that her younger sister is getting married before her even after taking Nelly's cheating ass, making babies with strippers. Why some successful sisters have such a hard time keeping a man is beyond me?

Anonymous said...

because "successful sisters" always claim they don't need no man for nothing, got her own car, house, pay her own bills....all the things a MAN is supposed to provide to his significant other. So WTF is having man around for (other than dick-n-attention)?

Anonymous said...


Ashanti would have to stop fuckin around with other folks men if she want one of her own *sips tea*

Anonymous said...

If we're talking about tradition, in addition to being able to provide for a women, we expect protection as well. Someone walked up to this nigga and yanked his shit, he can't even protect his own damn neck.

T said...

he's a sap and a punk, good luck w/that.
he's stays in some bish crap.

Anonymous said...

Ooo.. I see Shi has calmed down since her college days, her and her crew looked like a bunch of low budget thots back then! Glad to see she found a sucker to put a ring on it. Congrats to her b/c is being a wife is an honor that I cherish everyday so best wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for them!!!!!! :)
Im no hater (at least i try not to be, lol)
I dont know much about them personally
But if they are happy and arent bothering any1
Again, Good for them!
Id rather to see black folks doing this then what I mostly see them do in the news or on social media
Congratulations!!!!! :)

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