Thursday, December 08, 2016

Country Music Grammy Committee Rejects Beyonce

Pop star Beyonce earned a whopping 9 Grammy nominations this year [click here if you missed that] including one for Best Rock Song for Don't Hurt Yourself ft Jack White.

Apparently the country music committee did not get the memo from Kanye West...

From The Hollywood Reporter
A person familiar with the Grammy nomination process told the Associated Press on Wednesday that Beyonce submitted "Daddy Lessons" — from her album Lemonade — to the country category. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not allowed to speak publicly about the topic, said the country music committee rejected the song.


Anonymous said...

Damn, do one thing well. You can sing fantastic R&B and Pop songs and tour like no other, but what is with the need to be all over the place like bird sh*t, Beyonce?

It's good to have many talents, but Acting and Country Music are not your strong suits. You're overexposed and the backlash has started from white and black music fans, but also your Stans.

Go away for a few years, regroup, rehire Matthew or someone with some actual business acumen and come back better than ever. Peace.

Anonymous said...

i recall Alicia Keys doing that Bond song with Jack White. did they, too, submit the song for best Rock duo?

i understand getting your flowers while you are alive, but sheesh, let people GIVE you flowers, don't bulldoze your way into demanding to be considered for flowers you may or may not get.

could she be trophy-greedy?

Anonymous said...


DUH. Beyonce fears she's inadequate despite all of her accomplishments. She's crazy. And fuck the Grammys they are all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I believe she is very insecure. Her parents raised her moving every mountain for her to shine. She is addicted to the limelight, and a very low self-esteem. Always proving she's better, when nobody really care that much.

Each of us have something, but none of us have EVERYTHING. The quest for EVERYTHING at the expense of EVERY ONE and overreaching into the lane of others smacks of greed and low self-esteem. Not power.

I got a few years under my belt and trust me, I've seen the best and the worst, and Beyonce has NOTHING anyone else doesn't have. Fact is there are so many more that do it better, but are unable to because somebody is pushing this machine hard. And for what reason?!?! World Dominance?!?!

I see you Bey Machine. You ain't fooling me. Real secure people share stand with the best of them; not create a lane all for yourself and try to insinuate that anyone else is not worthy.

Go sit down somewhere; stay in your lane; everybody ain't feeling you like that.

You work so hard for everybody to think and act as if you are the only talent; and you being in the game as long as you have, accomplishing all you set out to do -- breaking records everywhere, getting credit as if you invented the art of performing -- it's old now.

We all get it. You are the DESTINED CHILD. oy vey!!!

Better to humble yourself and be exalted, then to exalt yourself and be humbled.

chevychick said...

I bow to you...thank you!

Chrissy Snow said...

The earlier comments are so well written that nothing else needs to be said. Thank you, case closed.

Anonymous said...

See, this is why some of us never wake the phuck up. This isn't about no is about a corporation that does not like Black folks to intrude on. Country is white...white, white, white. No negro, and I mean NO negro, will ever get a country music award. Period. In case you missed what I am trying to is a WHITE person's award. You ninjas need to focus on the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...


Charley Pride won in 1971.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11:49am! People of color need to know their history before it's lost forever. Mr. Pride is still alive and deserves respect.

Anonymous said...

We need to worry about commanding our own categories and controlling them instead of seeking validation from white people. Daddy Lessons stands well as a country song without a country grammy and without being played on country radio. We should have made it a hit if they wouldn't It's time for us to go back to having our own. Period.

Chrissy Snow said...

Right 11:49. Darius Rucker also had a pretty successful country music career.
It's amusing to read comments from people suggesting we should unite behind such a divisive, hypocritical woman just because Black.
Imagine how powerful Black women would be if we stopped "uniting" with celebrities and started uniting with the women we work alongside and interact with everyday.

Anonymous said...

Add Ray Charles and Tina Turner to the list

Anonymous said...

Mnny people do know their black history but many more need to educate themselves.

Jay has alot of fine qualities; could you imagine Mathew & Jay working together (they like each other too)they could enhance Beyonce's career properly? Hire your Dad back for many reasons, least of all redeeming how you treated him - he's a business man!

Anonymous said...

Charley Pride was in country music, but he was never all over the world, or over exposed, or never did he try to oversaturate the market.

Beyonce is over exposed; and she wanted to expose herself further into country music, rock and anything else she can claim.

Facts are facts; Beyonce is the most overexposed, oversaturated, overblown artist that ever graced the planet and she wants to leave her mark everywhere.

Not everybody WANTS to drink her kool-aid, Charley Pride or no?!

And so you got two: Charlie Pride and Darius Rucker, neither of which had a relentless machine pushing them on ANYBODY!

Beyonce is overblown, overexposed, overrated.

Period. Stop trying to shove her down everybody's doggone throat. Beyonce ain't for everybody, don't care how many numbered in the FLEAHIVE!

Anonymous said...

see, hear, check this out:

Despite the reported snub, the Halo singer is still the most nominated woman in the ceremony’s history and looks set to add to the 20 Grammy trophies she’s won throughout her career at the 59th annual ceremony in February.


Memo to B: More is not better; it's just more.

You'll NEVER be better than anyone, though you have more, yes! You don't sing, better or act better than anyone in the business.

But more?!?! Yes, you do more!!!
Are you better?! No.
Just got MORE people grinding your machine parts

Yes, I'm That Leah said...


could she be trophy-greedy?

she's definitely a shameless idol worshiper. she also makes herself out to be a god. remember bow down? where she released a picture of her standing in front of trophies telling people to bow down? she needed to be slapped.... i think part of it was that she was raised that if your the best, you better have proof and bragging rights.

she's a lame, stiff bore. such a messed up and shallow way to be. i bet her paranoid, jealous hating *** didn't have any friends in school.

Anonymous said...

At 3:02 PM - ".... i bet her paranoid, jealous hating *** didn't have any friends in school."

It's funny you mention that, because I remember an interview that Katie Couric did some years ago, sitting around the Knowles dining room table with them, eating Tina's spicy gumbo. And, Matthew did mention how Beyonce didn't have any friends in school. Now, most people would attribute this to being so called, "jealous", because of how she looks. But, did it ever occur to people that it may have had more to do with her "attitude" or, "personality"? Just because someone doesn't like you, or they avoid you, it's not always due to jealousy in terms of you look. People give off vibes. For all we know, Beyonce could have had a "stank" attitude back then. And, more than likely it turned people off. You never know.

Allihave2say said...

@8:55 in the clip on the DM of Beyonce in Girl Time yo can tell she had a very stank, I'm the it, I'm fast at age 10 attitude.

Anonymous said...

Trashyonce is a desperate hoe. Some people really care about these 'things'. Like Madonna once said.

Anonymous said...

The entire music industry should reject Beyonce.


Anonymous said...

Very true @8:55PM. I mean look at her parents. Look at Solange. They all give off that elitist "I am better than you" attitude. As a personal anecdote I've known some kids who grew up working/middle-class like me and had an elitist mindset but some didn't use it to demean and condescend to other kids. Clearly both Matt and Tina believe to be above it all, and raised their children with the same mindset; Beyonce seems more passive aggressive while Solange is more active aggressive. While I don't think the Knowles are "jealous" per se, their actions speaks to their elitist entitlement in why Beyonce has to be no. 1 at everything and Solange is always vocal (either directly or subliminal) in her opinions.

Anonymous said...


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