Monday, December 26, 2016

Damon Dash's Baby Mama Out for Blood

Earlier this year former music mogul Damon Dash was accused of being a dead beat dad by the mother of his 14 year old son Lucky [click here if you missed that].

Now Lucky's mom is going to drastic measures trying to collect...

According to reports Cindy Morales is trying to get herself added to a legal complaint filed by Kerison & Willougby Capital who are currently suing to force Dame into selling his stake in ex-wife Rachel Roy's fashion company to satisfy their $405k judgment against him.

Cindy believes this is the only chance she has to collect, claiming Dash purposely withholds funds and even sent her a check this year for .34 cents out of spite.

Cindy is owed more than $150k.


Anonymous said...

Whoops! When the checks stop coming in. 34¢? He need to stop with all that cos that's flame flavored petty for real.

Anonymous said...

i wish you had all them shirts and sneakers you used to throw away after you wore them one time you bum ass clown. karma has a way of humbling a tumor head lookin muthafucka

Anonymous said...

@4.59. That's right... I remember inn cribs when he was popping tags for brand new white tees everyday. He obviously still has money and he's living decent according to the reality show his son is on.

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