Thursday, December 29, 2016

James Packer Finessed Mariah Carey?

Insiders claim James Packer promised Mariah Carey a boat load of money to cancel a gig then backed out on the deal after dumping her...

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
December 16, 2016
This foreign born billionaire looks like he will have to cough up at least $5M to his permanent A list former girlfriend. He had her cancel a gig that would have made him look bad. She was going to get paid $5M and he told her he would give her that amount if she canceled. She did.
James Packer/Mariah Carey


The King Of The Real said...

She get nada

Anonymous said...

Never mess up your money for a dude. You have kids to provide for!

Anonymous said...

Come on. What gig is she getting that pays $5mil? What gig is anyone getting that pays that amount? It's too low for a tour, or a Vegas residency, and too high for much else. A private show for some billionaire? Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Fuck him!! She has paying fans that don't care about makes him look bad, thats not her fault. She should've performed since she was already booked

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