Friday, December 30, 2016

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Tie the Knot?

Earlier this month there were reports that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes slipped off to Cabo San Lucas for Katie's birthday [click here if you missed that].

Was the trip a cover for their super secret wedding...?

From Star Magazine
When Katie Holmes and boyfriend Jamie Foxx discretely jetted off to the Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Dec. 16, those close to the couple figured their tropical getaway was in celebration of her 38th birthday, which was two days later.
But what really happened in Cabo didn’t stay in Cabo!
Sources are telling Star that they believe Katie and Jamie actually made the trip to tie the knot in a super secret ceremony and they are now man and wife!
[January 9, 2017 Print Edition]


Anonymous said...

No. I think we ALL know how Jaime gets down; Besides Tom Cruise was stingy in the divorce and Katie needs to beard checks, but needs to be available for when her real boyfriend leaves his wife (allegedly.)

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass coon. So was Richard Pryor.

GIGI said...

I don't even believe this phantom ass relationship even exists. I haven't seen nan receipts.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ #THIS @ 10:55 AM

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Jaime white chicks be hit. Lol. ��

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