Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mariah Carey Angling for a Spot on The Voice?

Insiders say Mariah Carey is very interested in joining hit singing competition show The Voice...

..but it sounds like they aren't interested.

Sources tell Naughty Gossip
“Mariah recently tried to hit up ‘The Voice’ to be a judge but they passed because her attitude was not the attitude of a mentor.” 
 “She was difficult before she got the job, can you imagine what a nightmare she would be once hired. They passed and wished her the best. To be on “The Voice” you have to want to spent a lot of time with the team. Mariah isn’t really known for hanging out and mentoring people. This would have been a disaster.”


Anonymous said...

That is so not correct. Mariah would be the best person considering 25+ years current in industry and counting. She loves to mentor people, she just wasn't able to do it on American (cancelled) Idol because of the loud 5 year old on the panel whom got it cancelled. If they passed then someone at the show is hating for Aguilera obviously

Anonymous said...


Aguilera isn't on the show Akeys, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus are on it. So either AKeys or Miley is trying to protect they job lol

Anonymous said...

Mimi should be trying to fix her whoreish imagine. Finding an new fashionista to help cover her titties. Dress her to look classy. And her fucking hair style has been the same for 25 years. Trying to make it a job to fix that shit first.

Anonymous said...

@10:40 I agree with you she seemed like an excellent judge on AI.
@10:48 Miley could be starting this cuz she stated she didn't like her. Or maybe it could be Alicia Keys being that she really needs the job since Swizz is in debt re-leasing cars illegally. Who knows. But as of late Mariah needs to cut down on the diva antics

Anonymous said...

We think Mariah needs a new team and a makeover.

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