Monday, December 19, 2016

Mathew Knowles Desperately Low on Cash?

Earlier this month long lost footage of pre-teen Beyonce show-up for sale to the highest bidder [click here if you missed that].

Is Mathew Knowles the secret seller...?

Could be.

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
December 7, 2016
What do you do when you have no money coming in and your family refuses to give you any more? If you are this dad of an A+ list singer, you announce an auction to sell a bunch of videos of her.
Matthew Knowles/Beyonce


prissa o said...

If either had any sense, they would re-ignite their business partnership. She will never forget what he did to her mom, but this is BUSINESS. It would help both of them. She was much better under her dad's management.

Anonymous said...

What happened to his girl group? And @1:40 is right, they both need each other AND the money.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:40 & 1:53 Both are correct

These videos could be from "anyone" during her early days ... reaching far on this accusation.

Anonymous said...

Why should she go back with her dad? When her numbers weren't adding up she had an audit done and he was skimming off the top from her.

Anonymous said...


And what do you call what Jay has been doing? What do you call TIDAL?

Chrissy Snow said...

I always suspected that skimming story was something concocted by Jay. It doesn't make sense to me a man stealing pennies from a daughter he's making millions off off.
Jay probably convinced Bey she could make more money if she cut out the middle man and she fired him.
And yes they do need to reunite for both of their financial well being.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Exactly - one difference between Jay and Mathew was that Mathew was supporting Beyonce's mother and sister = it's called a salary. Also. Live Nation wanted to manage Beyonce and Jay delivered.

Anonymous said...

Ummm why are y'all talking like Beyonce is broke without MK...also, didn't you see the movie where Beyonce said that she needed to separate her Daddy from her manager, his being both was a conflict for her. Also, have you not seen Beyonce in action behind the scene's, y'all may want to believe she isn't intelligent, but just watching her clips BTS tells a different story...

Carry on!!!

Anonymous said...

#1.Clue was the words "LOST for 20 YEARS" too funny
#2.Clue was "UK based auction house'

Really-Lost? and a UK company_Somebody didn't want to pay LiveNation and two where did "they" find the footage, at a drug lord house, one of Matty old connects that he exchange the tape for a couple of oz's of that coco?

OR its not even Matthew it really could be JnB themselves since its NOT really "destiny child" group that Matty stays telling people that HE owes, etc..

Also B performing at her own x-mas part was suspect too...what you doing J paying yourself, putting that down as an tour performance???

Look that LIVE NATION contract in up 2018 and I really don't think J got 350 million laying around to hand over to live Nation, that was his ADVANCE $

Crazy right!

DailyMail:--Found: The footage was thought to be lost for 20 years but is now been made available by UK-based auction house Ted Owen & Co which estimates the collection could go for anywhere from £1.5 million to £3 million or just over $USD3.8 million

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is this woman is still being pimped out. I believe Jay did set Mat up. Jay did just like street pimps do when they see another pimp's ho3 and want to pimp her out for their benefit. Bey has always been the 'bottom chick', the number one willing, loyal ho3, who does as she's told and expected to do. Mat made the ultimate scarifice for his entire family. He may not have been perfect or right in all he did but he did take care of his family, put them on the map (Celestine and Solange, as well as other family members, too.) and made sure his daughter shined brighter then any of them. But just like pimped out ho3s do. They run to the other pimp she thinks stunts, shines or has more clout than her present pimp daddy. The result is always the sound track, 'Lemonade'. LOL!

Anonymous said...

@ 5:05 ----Sad but so true!!

@ 4:28-----Listen I may not know for a fact JnB are BROKE but they sure ACT like it

And when I saw clips of the 711 video I was like why would they do a video in J house if not to SAVE $

and really dogs change your curtains they been up there for more than 3 three years

prissa o said...

WOW @5:05 - you broke it ALL THE WAY DOWN!!! You need to write a manual on that pump life, yo! I'd buy it!

I believe you too. Makes sense.

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