Thursday, December 08, 2016

Matt Barnes Slapped with Civil Suit Over NY Brawl

This week Sacramento Kings player Matt Barnes got into a skirmish with two women and one man in a New York night club following the Kings loss to the NY Knicks [click here if you missed that].

The alleged victims are suing for damages...

While Matt insists it was all a huge misunderstanding [click here if you missed that], two of the victims are going for the gold.

From TMZ
According to the lawsuit filed in NYC, Jasmine Besiso and Myrone Powell claim they were innocently hanging out when Barnes approached Jasmine and began to choke her.
In the suit, Powell says he saw the attack and tried to intervene but that's when [Demarcus] Cousins stepped in and punched him in the face.
At that point, Barnes allegedly released Jasmine's neck and elbowed her in the face -- knocking her unconscious. Myrone claims he was taken to the ground and Barnes and Cousins proceeded to kick and punch him in the head and body.
The NYPD was called to the scene but Barnes and Cousins had left by the time they arrived.
A rep for the alleged victims calls the incident a "vicious and unprovoked attack" And says Cousins' initial blow was a "blindside punch."
The rep also says the two were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital where they were treated for "serious injuries."
Club surveillance video should clear all this up post haste.


HHIC said...

Not even a week has gone by yet there's already a civil suit. Very telling. Someone's looking to cash in before

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the injuries were "serious" they'd be hospitalized but no one should put their hands on another human being

Anonymous said...

dafuq bro. He deserves everything he has coming. No matter how annoying a bitch can be, how hard is it for a nigga to just walk away. Playing into them thirsty hands; shame on you. Pay up. That's some airhead shit, knee jerk, contemplate-less lookin' ass.

Truth be told, if I was not completely embarrassed by public spectacles, I'd do a little heckling and take a punch from that guy for a check. Fuck it. Bless up to my dead father for raising me with a killer combo of pride, guilt, and fear he might be watching from the hereafter to keep me from such antics. But, I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind.

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